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½ April 4, 2013
Cheesy from the start the fake graphics effects when the car exploded and when tony chopped Samantha in half was a major turn off the story plot was not very interesting
April 3, 2013
Checked out HOLD YOUR BREATH tonight on Netflix live streaming...not going to lie. I only watched it for Katrina Bowden. Yep - she's been in movies like TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL (you should watch), AMERICAN REUNION (holy smokes), PIRANHA 3DD (blah!) and a few others. YEAHHHHH and with all her sexiness......she couldn't help this movie. (lol) Don't get me wrong - I tried getting into it...but yeah...no dice. Let me think...was there any good, cool parts? Hmmmmmm...maybe the VERY ending...that was a pretty cool idea. (Don't wanna say it and ruin it for ya) As for the bad parts...yeah...there was quite a bit. Exploding cop car! What the hell was that all about. Talk about cheesy and bad. (lol) Sex scene music...wow. The way the killer would kill people...CAKE HAND MIXER. 80's killing looked cooler than this at times.

Ahhh when I first saw the trailer for this 7 months ago...I knew it was going to be bad...but not this bad. (lol) If you're into super bad, cheesy movies - HOLD YOUR BREATH might be for you. (lol) My other half watched it with me and...she wasn't a fan.
April 2, 2013
Crappy Asylum horror about the spirit of a serial killer possessing and killing a bunch of young campers. Nothing to recommend except for the 3 pretty ladies in the cast. Save time and Google their pictures instead.
½ March 27, 2013
I wish I could unsee this movie!
½ March 26, 2013
Wasted 1hr and 31min on this movie.
March 26, 2013
Essentially a slasher film with a grade-school supernatural twist, Hold Your Breath "stars" 30 Rock alum, Katrina Bowden, who seems to have reacted to the end of 30 Rock by becoming a scream queen. Ultimately, Hold Your Breath stars out somewhat promisingly with a few twisted death scenes, but it gets tedious and stupid before the end. Still, an entertaining supernatural slasher film for those with nothing better to watch.
½ March 5, 2013
although it didn't seem to get a good review, I thought it was pretty good.
March 1, 2013
I hold my breath seeing that poor acting
February 28, 2013
horrible acting. it just seems like another low budget film
February 18, 2013
It wasn't terrible. The storyline was actually fairly interesting, the acting in some cases above mediocre, the scenery pretty good and the limited special effects actually pretty decent for a B movie. While I wouldn't pay for theater or pay per view to watch it, it's a decent choice for a cable pick on a thundery night.
February 7, 2013
lame, it was do boring
February 3, 2013
Terrible! Although the first song was really good wish I could download it. It's called Fire & Brimstone.
February 2, 2013
This movie is a little cheesy. It really isn't that scary. But I still categorize it as a horror film.
½ February 1, 2013
Surprisingly good. I always say music and sound production can make or break a film. It was a B-Movie with B-level acting and C level special effects but A-1 sound scoring to where it didnt FEEL LIKE I'm wasting my time.
½ January 30, 2013
The story is good in this movie, but the effects are not that great! The movie was pretty good!
½ January 30, 2013
Cool concept, poorly executed! I shouldn't have expected any less from The Asylum. They continue to make crap, even after they get stars like Katrina Bowden.
January 26, 2013
I can wait to get this movie it looks really good
January 26, 2013
Just bearly worth 1 star awful movie
½ January 22, 2013
woeful film.... bad bad bad in almost every aspect... only thing worth going for it was the cameraman and director must of had an ass. fetish as blatant filming of many buttock scenes...which isn't a bad thing :-p but not enough to save this worst movie in quite a while award
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