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Holiday Inn Quotes

  • Jim Hardy: I'll take a bowl

  • Ted Hanover: I like it here... with you and Linda. [to Hardy]
    Jim Hardy: answers: And we love having you. When are you leaving?
    Francois: How can I stop him sir when I don't know which way is Connecticut!
    Jim Hardy: A drink? Boy you were fractured!
    Mamie: [about winning Linda back] You could melt her heart right down to butter, if you'd only turn on the heat!
    Linda Mason: You sound sweet, but you don't make sense.

  • Ted Hanover: A gentle smile often breeds a kick in the pants.
    Jim Hardy: What brings you here on this bright and uninviting day?
    Ted Hanover: He always has that look! It doesn't mean anything emotionally. It has something to do with his... liver.
    Ted Hanover: Well, I love Jim too... but let's not get too chummy.
    Jim Hardy: Right now I've got the ledger in an iron lung.
    Danny Reid: How'd he get that far in five minutes?
    Danny Reid: The world can't do this to us!

  • Ted Hanover: It's going to be easy - like peeling a turtle.

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