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June 6, 2019
Instead of shooting for the stars, it settles merely for the middle.
August 16, 2010
Outside of the novelty of seeing Ben Affleck assaying a dramatic role, there isn't much in Hollywoodland to keep us hooked.
August 30, 2009
Starts with artful delusions before dribbling into nothingness
July 23, 2009
Despite a stellar cast, Coulter and screenwriter Paul Bernbaum can’t decide whether to plumb the depths of 'noir' or tug at the heartstrings of failed ambition.
October 29, 2008
July 14, 2007
April 25, 2007
March 11, 2007
Tentando evocar a mesma atmosfera sufocante de Los Angeles %u2013 Cidade Proibida, surge como plida (literalmente) imitao do excepcional trabalho de Curtis Hanson.
November 11, 2006
A well-meaning mediocrity.
October 14, 2006
Never makes a case that Reeves' death is worth probing, or even mourning; as on Superman, his humanity is utterly stifled by lousy production values and unrewarding stunts.
September 29, 2006
Watching "Hollywoodland" unwind, it becomes clear that this is the movie Coulter and Bernbaum should have made in the twilight of their careers, after Hollywood had had its way with them.
September 28, 2006
... the film never digs far enough below the surface of this male pinup ...
September 23, 2006
If the movie just doesn't have the nostalgic pull of a Chinatown or the camp appeal of an L.A. Confidential, it may be that its material didn't really justify the full-feature treatment.
September 23, 2006
A well made film with high quality production values and good acting that just needed tighter editing and a more satisfying ending.
September 23, 2006
A Tinseltown story without the tinsel, a whodunit that has little mystery.
September 23, 2006
Lacks almost everything I want in a mystery: compelling characters, a motive, a few interesting detours, a satisfying conclusion.
September 21, 2006
The fatal flaw of Hollywoodland is as basic as the mystery genre gets: too much detective, not enough detecting.
September 21, 2006
We want to understand Reeves and his life; corny sentiment around his death feels awkward and unnecessary.
September 19, 2006
Unable to decide if it wants to be a mystery or biography, Hollywoodland settles for doing both, badly.
September 14, 2006
Deadening, dull, sepia-drenched faux-noir period hokum of a suddenly popular variety.
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