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January 9, 2007
Worthwhile for the amusement of the escape to a bygone era alone. But when you factor in an absorbing pulp fiction plotline, you've got all you can ask of a cinematic experience.
December 31, 2006
But dreams of fame evolve. And where once it would have just been enough to be recognized, it becomes apparent only later that this is not quite enough.
December 30, 2006
Frustratingly ambiguous as a thriller, Coulter's strong debut should be approached as a disturbing parable on the nature of fame.
December 6, 2006
It is not just that people die in the film, its the way their souls get mauled while they are still alive.
November 28, 2006
It's Affleck's ghost of film future. Watch his hurt-glazed eyes as he sits in the screening of From Here to Eternity while all around him people laugh at 'Superman' pretending to be someone else.
November 24, 2006
Stark, probing and beautifully crafted, Hollywoodland is a slow-burning mystery/thriller that intriguingly jumps along with each suspenseful frame.
November 23, 2006
It's worth seeing for Affleck alone, deftly communicating the distance between the put-on cardboard debonairness of this hunk-about-town and the gnawing uncertainties beneath his Superman outfit.
November 11, 2006
A well-meaning mediocrity.
November 5, 2006
Hollywoodland is a complex film: part noir, part biopic, all powerful character study.
November 2, 2006
With a career-best performance from Ben Affleck, this is an enjoyable, well made thriller, even if the ending is a bit of a cop-out.
October 18, 2006
The film is sustained on its juicy minor characters.
October 14, 2006
Never makes a case that Reeves' death is worth probing, or even mourning; as on Superman, his humanity is utterly stifled by lousy production values and unrewarding stunts.
October 9, 2006
It's not unreasonable to believe Hollywoodland will be remembered alongside great Los Angeles films such as L.A. Confidential and Sunset Boulevard.
September 29, 2006
Though they take artistic liberties, Bernbaum and director Allen Coulter respect their subject.
September 29, 2006
Watching "Hollywoodland" unwind, it becomes clear that this is the movie Coulter and Bernbaum should have made in the twilight of their careers, after Hollywood had had its way with them.
September 28, 2006
... the film never digs far enough below the surface of this male pinup ...
September 26, 2006
The back-and-forth storytelling becomes tedious but good performances keep the film from failing entirely.
September 25, 2006
A nice mix of real facts, and what could have been real facts, in a sweet look at the man of steel killed not by kryptonite, but by television.
September 23, 2006
One of the main reasons to see the movie is for the performance of Ben Affleck as George Reeves.
September 23, 2006
If the movie just doesn't have the nostalgic pull of a Chinatown or the camp appeal of an L.A. Confidential, it may be that its material didn't really justify the full-feature treatment.
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