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January 13, 2013
Such a strange movie, kind of funny. A young woman kidnaps a 106 yr old millionaire to marry him & the mans twin elderly sons try to get him back. With Leslie Nielsen.
October 25, 2010
Slow paced and virtually humorless comedy, Leslie Nielsen plays a small town sherrif out to catch a nurse who kidnaps her 90 year old patient. Slim, the 90 year old, has 5 billion dollars in assests, but the young nurse must first get a divorce and then be able to marry the old gentlemen for his billions.

Fans of Leslie Nielsen remember him as the doctor in Airplane! and the detective in Naked Gun 2 1/2. But this neglected film of his was made between the two in 1988. Not known to be reviewed by any critic on RT, professional or otherwise until now. You are currently reading, as of this post, the ONLY review of this lethargic comedy.

If not for the sublimely crazy Nielsen, this film could be a total bust. Suggested primarily for Nielsen fans, the nurse is the real life relative of the director.

The title tells us virtually nothing except that Hart Productions was responsible for this turkey.

Valri Bromfield (nurse)
Stephan E. Miller
Deanne Henry
Martin Mull (comedian)
Eric Christmas
Ted Stidder
Joe Austin
Leslie Nielsen (Sheriff)

Director: Rex Bromfield
Screenplay: Rex Bromfield
Set Decorator : Lesley Beale
Cinematographer: Robert Ennis
Casting Director: Ingrid Fischer
Producer: John M. Eckert
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