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May 8, 2020
The feeling the movie leaves is of wanting to embrace a lot but actually covering very little. [Full Review in Spanish]
February 13, 2019
I hope I never have to watch it again.
April 21, 2014
Within the forgettable musical numbers, and the boring climax, I just couldn't force myself to find one thing positive about this.
July 8, 2012
It all comes down to what it often does: a dumb concept, an uninspired plot, and characters we never grow to care about, much less love.
July 5, 2012
This bouncy Western musical-comedy adventure is long enough on charm, but wisely short and sweet at 76 minutes. It's also totally bereft of innovation... [Blu-ray]
November 16, 2009
The Disney animation horse has officially bolted.
August 7, 2008
The film is garish and frenetic but absolutely lifeless.
May 26, 2006
The screenplay, however, smacks of desperate studio executives who are out of touch with today's audience.
March 14, 2005
November 4, 2004
It's all very competent, but rarely inspired.
October 7, 2004
The problem with this movie is that it needed to be funny.
September 15, 2004
...youngsters won't mind the silliness; but I doubt they'll understand the old Western-movie stereotypes and clichs they've never heard of.
August 12, 2004
Home on the Range, pese a ser una cinta afable y que divierte a los pequeos, dista mucho de ser un home run taquillero para Disney.
July 11, 2004
It feels like a film slapped together by Walt Disney's board of directors and never put through the long production schedules and hard-wrought renderings of its past.
April 30, 2004
"Home on the Range" probably wouldn't even appeal to PETA.
April 21, 2004
Um filme medocre que narra uma histria batida e que merecia ter sido lanado diretamente em vdeo.
April 9, 2004
Disney's soft-boiled fable won't lay an egg, but don't bet the ranch it'll be a smash.
April 8, 2004
The recognizance mission staged by the movie's perpetually preening protagonists only inspires fond memories of another animated trio.
April 5, 2004
... a serviceable time-killer.
April 5, 2004
The animation looks second rate, laughable even, when compared to the studios direct to video releases.
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