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November 4, 2016
The family of two cops and a thief and a super hot mom!

Basically, this film was nothing, just a timepass flick. Of course it has a story, though easily predictable. The actors were okay, but it was their roles which were not challenging enough. There are no good comedies, all were so plain or maybe already seen in different films. So this is one of those comes and goes kind, I mean not to stay in anybody's hit list.

The son who is working in the FBI returns to his mom's with his fiancÚ who works with him to stay for a while. One day while they all were out, the mom meets a stranger and instantly they two start to see each other. But what they don't know is the man's an art thief and planning for a big heist. So within them, two cops and a thief, how the events turn out, especially how it affect their romance was told in the remaining part.

I have not seen Meg Ryan for a long time, though this is nearly a decade old film that I watched now. All I'm familiar with is the beautiful Meg from the 1990s romantic comedies. She looks quite the same, but not impressed with her performance. The others like Antonio Banderas was not bad, including Colin Hanks and Selma Blair. It could entertain those who watch films occasionally. But for a film fanatic like me it is completely boring, because the common line everyone of us say is 'I'd seen a better one'. So it is okay for a few people, but not for everyone.

January 1, 2011
Also known as "My Mom's New Boyfriend". Mostly succeeds at what it is trying to do. Mostly harmless. OK to pass the time I guess.
August 26, 2008
[font=Book Antiqua][color=black]Colin Hanks plays the role of a young US Federal Agent who is asked to spy on his own mother after she begins dating a suspected art thief.

While the premise of this comedy sounded interesting, this movie simply fell flat. In fact, I couldn't even watch it all the way through. The most interesting thing in this movie was watching Meg Ryan's lips move...what has that woman done to herself?

My suggestion - avoid this movie like the plague. While Antonio Banderis' character was almost a likeable charmer, Meg Ryan's character is a sex mad, unlikeable person that I found simply unbelievable and irritating.[/color][/font]
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