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Fear in the Night (Dynasty of Fear) (Honeymoon of Fear) Reviews

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February 3, 2008
I laughed, I cried and I wet my pants.
½ January 5, 2008
One of Hammer's later thrillers featuring the always excellent Peter Cushing and Joan Collins, claws and all, who's later success on a certain TV show prompted the film's distributers to rename it DYNASTY OF FEAR, the sly devils.
½ October 19, 2007
Hmm, a very slow and tedious first hour. It picks up speed when Cushing shows up but the whole affair feels like a forced attempt from Hammer to make a film in the Psycho/Rosemary's Baby/Les Diboliques vein. A relatively good ending saves the movie from the trash pile but nothing I would watch again for some time.
½ October 12, 2007
One of Hammer's later efforts at a psychological thriller, isnt quite up there with Taste Of Fear, but does deliver a fair amount of shocks. All the performances are good too, especially Joan Collins as the scheming wife of the Headmaster
½ September 3, 2007
Not bad Hitchcockian psycho-thriller that has obviously borrowed from such films as "Les Diaboliques" and "Rebecca", unfortunately making it not that original and some-what predictable. The film moves at a glacial pace throughout the first hour as it tries to build mystery, yet not enough is generated to maintain the viewer's interest. Luckily, the last act features several interesting twists of the plot that are clever yet have been done before... thriller junkies like myself will foresee these twists but others who are not accustomed to the mechanics of the thriller plot may be caught off guard. Again, it wasn't bad, but it was hardly great either; it was merely efficient.
½ July 14, 2007
This movie totally creeped me out. I remember it.. didn't realize it was Joan Collins.
May 19, 2007
Most of these un-popular DVD's in the Horror section are just really old and nobody has watched them, its hard not to give them not interested!
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