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March 8, 2006
Discontinuous plot, shoddy camerawork, shitty acting. Overall, the worst zombie movie ever. Ever.

Great if you are like me. We have "Shitty Movie Tuesdays" at my house. This was a perfect candidate.
½ September 17, 2005
There really is nothing special in this movie. Billed as a Hip-Hop zombie flick, but there's no hip-hop throughout the film. There was one song at the beginning, and that was it. However, there was a LOT of F*** words. In fact, at one point, thought i'd be fun to have a drinking game to that, but soon realized that I'd be drunk within the first five minutes of the film.

This movie is definitely not memorable. However, if you're a Zombie film fan, it's worth watching merely for the zombieness of it.
September 7, 2005

So I like zombie movies. Alot. So when I went to blockbuster this weekend looking for something I haven't seen I said " Hey look a zombie movie". Now by the shere title and box I wasn't expecting Night of the living dead, but I was figuring mass amounts of zombies chowing down on Oakland. What I got was a poorly acted weak script movie with hordid makeup and bad camera work. If maybe this was everyone first movie and it was made on a budget of say $5000, then ok fine I understand, but seroiusly I didn't think there was a zombie movie worse than House of the dead out there until I saw this. I mean there were only 19 people in the whole movie (I actually counted 18 but the credits proved me wrong). Hopefully the entire crew of this movie will be given acting lessons and the cameraman and director can take the $3 I spent renting this piece of garbage and use it to pay for another film class in community college next semester
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