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A merry band of young psychiatric patients, lead by Luck (Danny Lopes), escapes their mental hospital after shooting a guard and stealing a van. They rush to rendezvous with the seriously demented Rev. Salo (Vincent Lamberti) and his depraved wife (Christie Sanford), who, when not preaching nutty wisdom, have raised their daughter Grace (Lizzy Mahon) as a drug-addicted slave. When the mental patients show up, the reverend and his wife get more than they bargained for, and Grace develops a close relationship with her grandfather (The Amazing Kreskin) who fills her in about her family, but leaves out a pretty important detail about himself. Meanwhile, a devil-horned goat watches it all with a gimlet eye. Yes, a goat.
R (for horror violence/gore, language and drug use)
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as Reverend Salo Sr.
Vincent Lamberti
as Reverend Salo Jr.
Lizzy Mahon
as Grace Solo
Christie Sanford
as Mrs. Salo
Jessica Pagan
as Marisa
Raine Brown
as Amanda
Kevin Kenny
as Kevin
Felissa Rose
as Art Therapist
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This movie immerses you in a disturbingly cryptic vision of hell of earth unlike any you've seen before. Remember the name Dante Tomaselli: he is one of the most important new voices in horror filmmaking.

Full Review… | October 19, 2003
Aisle Seat

It's weird and non-traditional, but its also effective and scary and clearly the work of someone who knows their way around a spooky visual nightmare.

Full Review… | September 13, 2003

Horror plays out quite like an episode of Freddy's Nightmares.

January 2, 2003
Film Threat

The end result is just kind of weird and spooky, but not even a herd of ominous goats can scare the confusion out of you.

October 15, 2002

Audience Reviews for Horror

First of all, this movie makes almost no sense. I've seen it twice and I still have no idea what happened. This movie is more like a hellish, surrealistic nightmare than an actual story. And it that sense, it really works. The acting is terrible and nothing is very clear, but honestly...it's scary. Really, really scary. (Except for this one unintentionally funny part where two jack-o-lantern puppets randomly showed up. No idea what that was about.) The cinematography is beautiful and haunting, and the whole movie is insanely creepy. It's very well-made for having such a low budget. One other complaint - what the heck was up with the opening credits?

ZeldaGiygasLord 603
ZeldaGiygasLord 603

This movie feels like a student film project, but its not. Perhaps the audacious name is due to the inclusion of a number of disparate horror elements in the film. Mostly the film relies on atmospheric horror, but it also includes psychological, zombie, torture, and vampiric elements. This is one of those movies in which time does not flow in a straight line. In that way its similar to Mulholland Drive, but that film is one million times better than Horror. Mulholland Drive came out a year earlier, so I wonder if it was an influence. Horror Took 18 days to film. Its a low budget movie. Its confusing and weird. I dont think its good, but I didnt hate it either. The writer/director commentary is helpful, but still the viewer is left to decide if its all a dream, a drug hallucination, an afterlife experience, or what. Its one of those movies with a lot of crosses in the background. One of the main characters is a demonic preacher and faith healer, who is apparently the father of the heroin though they look to be the same age. His father (another main character) is a mesmerizer. The heroin's mother is perhaps my favorite character; she seems to be tripping all the time and is blissfully evil. If you like weird and creepy movies, and you dont mind low budget, then you might want to "smoke'em if you've got'em" and check out this movie.

Brandon Stocks
Brandon Stocks

"Horror" is a low-budget Satanism-and-undead flick with a lot of heart that tries hard and succeeds occasionally but ultimately doesn't quite cut it. There's good imagination at work here, but the resources available to the filmmakers didn't allow them to live up to their goals. That's too bad, because "Horror" has a lot of potential. Five young people in institutional uniforms in a van have committed some sort of unspecified crime involving the shooting of a security guard (I assumed it was a bank robbery), take mushrooms given them by a reverend, and arrive at the reverend's home. Meanwhile, the reverend and his wife are Satanists who are getting ready to do something nasty with their daughter. Grandpa was also a Satanic priest; he may or may not be dead. Grandpa is also infamous mentalist The Amazing Kreskin and, while he can't exactly act, he does seem to be having a lot of fun doing his schtick in this setting. There's a little bit of blood and gore here, but it's not particularly prevalent. There are also zombies about in a few scenes, though the prosthetics are obvious and cheap-looking. The movie has a disjointed, dream-like quality that often makes it hard to follow and sometimes makes it hard to tell whether the apparent continuity errors were intentional or not. Someone will frequently be wounded, or even turn into a zombie, in one scene, only to be perfectly well in the next. Writer/director Dante Tomaselli appears to be intentionally trying to stay completely away from any linear narrative, or even rationality. It almost works, but not quite, though the sense of confusion would probably add to the horror if the rest of the movie worked better. It doesn't, though. If the acting was better, the make-up was better, and the editing was better overall, this would have been a solid and original horror flick. As they weren't, "Horror" is a mediocre film at best. The fragmented, albeit occasionally genuinely scary, scenes never quite knit together into a finished product.

Brian Seitzman
Brian Seitzman

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