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½ July 22, 2017
Horse Feathers is one of the Marx Brothers' best films, and that's really saying something. If anything, you'll probably experience laugh-exhaustion from the multiple witticisms per line. It's just so clever. Harpo and Chico are fun as they always are, but they're in the shadow of Groucho in this film. The script is gold. You can tell it was made for theatre, but the masterful direction perhaps makes the slapstick gags that would lend themselves nicely to the stage work even better on screen. The film shows its age in its lengthy musical numbers that may now bore more joke-thirsty audiences. It's not quite at Duck Soup's level, but it comes a close second for me. A wonderful comedy; entertaining from start to finish.
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½ July 6, 2017
If it's not broke, don't fix it. Groucho plays the guitar, Chico plays piano, and Harpo plays the harp. Zeppo was still an equal member of the family in 1932. And Thelma Todd handles them all quite admirably. This'll make you think about going to school again
½ January 23, 2017
Horse Feathers (1932) C-67m. ??? 1/2 D: Norman McLeod. Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo Marx. Fourth Marx film. Groucho is head of football university, Zeppo is his son; Chico and Harpo are hired as players, hilarity starts. Inspired lunacy with side-splitting football game finale.
½ March 3, 2016
The Marx Brothers here are in fine form early on in their career making it feel much later than 1932. It's screwball enough, but not overly so.
½ August 14, 2015
You would've thought this were The Marx Brothers climax if Duck Soup hadn't come out. 4.3/5
August 14, 2015
just classic pre-code hijinx
May 8, 2015
Overflowing with one-liners, literal gags and arbitrary musical numbers, Horse Feathers is a true Marx Brothers classic.
From fishy password puns and dirty football antics, to Harpo playing the harp, the movie is full of memorable Marx fodder; frivolous, funny and unpredictable from start to finish. Without a doubt, The Marx Bros influence on cartoons and comedy can be felt in almost every frame.
February 3, 2015
This movie was a typical Marx Brothers movie. The only plot is to win a college football game. Groucho is made the President of a fictional university where is son played by Zeppo Marx is a professional student whose been going to college for 12 years. It's a spoof of university life and college football during the leather helmet era. Groucho tries to pay a couple of pro players to play on his team as ringers. When he goes to a speak-easy to meet the players he mistakes Chico and Harpo as the ringer players. The interesting part of the movie is the fake football game at the end of the movie. They are all dressed in 1930's era football uniforms and make a joke out the sport with the comedy skits in the form of football plays. Before the comedy scenes there is some stock footage of a real football game.
January 5, 2015
The hilarity level was low that time like the Marx Brothers comedies I've so far seen were getting better and better on the ability to make its viewers laugh-out loud to a rare sidesplitting [that'd happened occasionally in "A Night at the Opera"], but their 6th feature is good as usual with the same comedic skills while going mad on a college campus. (B+)

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½ January 2, 2015
The Marx Brothers lampoon higher education in this loosely plotted, high-energy film. Although some will find fault in the directing, and others will be less than impressed with some of the supporting roles, look past the faults and just enjoy the show. Groucho is at his finest, a new college president with rapid-fire dialog and a sensational collection of one-liners. Chico plays the easily-confused iceman to near perfection with his deadpan delivery. Zeppo plays the student (and son of Groucho's character, oddly enough), and lends his fine singing voice to a tune or two. Harpo is the sweetly manic dogcatcher with good luck on a telephone. Be sure not to miss Thelma Todd in her sweet/dangerous role as the "college widow". For perfect direction and technical excellence, go see "2001 - A Space Odyssey"; for belly-laughs and grins for over an hour, watch "Horse Feathers"!
½ October 11, 2014
Humourous, short, random, not my favorite Marx Bro's but not bad.
½ October 8, 2014
"Your Proposition may be good, but let's have one thing understood,
Whatever it is, I'm Against It!
And even if you've changed it or condensed it, I'm against it."
½ July 24, 2014
(First and only viewing - 4/13/2010)
½ June 15, 2014
A Marx brothers film is a Marx brothers film, and "Horse Feathers" is a classic example: sidesplittingly hilarious and absurd, bitingly clever, while all in all adding up to just organized chaos. Won't change your life, but boy will you laugh.
½ March 24, 2014
"Horse Feathers" is a great comedy from the Marx Brothers. Groucho is Prof. Wagstaff who takes over as the President of Huxley College, Zeppo plays Wagstaff's son who is a student at the school. Chico and Harpo play two goofs who get recruited by Groucho to play football for the school team, though he thought they were someone else. It is endless quality comedy from the mad minds of the Four Marx Brothers. It also has some of the best songs in any of their films, "Everyone Says I Love You". One of their finest efforts.
October 23, 2013
Groucho is the incoming president of Huxley College who is advised by "son" Zeppo that having a winning football team will turn his school's fortunes around. He attempts to recruit two ringers at the local speakeasy (this is 1932) but instead recruits Chico and Harpo (natch). Hilarity and musical interludes ensue. However, to my mind, the chaos seems more controlled here than in, say, Duck Soup, or more accurately McLeod chooses to fade out on the action rather than let it progress to its illogical conclusion. In fact, the bits are consistently relevant to the plot. Nevertheless, an hour spent with the Marx Brothers is an hour free from cares.
October 13, 2013
1933's Duck Soup Is My Favorite Comedy Film.
July 4, 2013
The fourth film with all 4 Brothers. It's only 67 minutes long, I guess they cut the jokes out. Still better than Cocoanuts. Groucho's musical number at the beginning, that's the only real reason to see it.
½ June 15, 2013
Maybe the funniest Marx Brothers comedy
May 23, 2013
This comedy starring the Marx Brothers opens with Groucho being made the new president of a college. His son Zeppo implores him to get some players to help them win a big football game. However, after going to the Speakeasy Groucho winds up with Harpo and Chico while the professionals are on the other team. At the same time, first Zeppo and then Groucho fall for a girl with bad intentions. The game day comes and things look bad but the Marx Brothers turn the tide with their shananigans on the field. Memorable moments include the opening number, the password gag, anatomy class, and of course the crazy football match! There is also a precursor to the stateroom scene from A Night at the Opera. Fewer people but still craziness.
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