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June 27, 2016
As someone who grew up with Dr. Seuss I love when it's done right.
June 10, 2016
It isn't anything that hasn't been seen before, but HORTON HEARS A WHO manages not to drown it's original Seuss message in pop culture references or Jim Carrey. Steve Carrell is an admittedly likable lead.
May 27, 2016
Horton Hears A Who, is definitely worth a watch, it shows evidence of a great film in both it's story as well as visually.
May 17, 2016
It's in the DVD player right now ...
May 16, 2016
I think Seuss books are more for American kids really, I never really got into them as a child and they don't really feature in our house. As a result, I had no preconceptions really sitting down to watch this with my son. The first half struggles, it's so off-beat and wacky that you're a bit lost and a bit bored. My son was fidgeting a lot and only sporadically gained interest. In the second half it really starts to find it's stride, the peril of the Who's on the speck and Horton's struggles with collapsing bridges etc start to take your interest. It's not quite enough, but it does rally at least towards a touching conclusion.
½ April 2, 2016
i remember watching this for like 5 years ago. its fucking terrible
i had to watch this at school btw
March 23, 2016
Great book that they turned into a good movie! Bright colors, great for all ages
½ March 12, 2016
Like it for it's voice acting and animation
February 26, 2016
Such a great, funny movie. I had like no problems with it whatsoever. Very unique story, very funny and had awesome animation and a great cast and characters as well. Horton and The Mayor were hilarious, as well as Vlad and Katie, the weird yellow guinea pig thing. It also has a great message as well and makes you think outside the box a little bit.
½ January 15, 2016
Dr. Seuss movie adaptations really get under my skin! But this one stayed really true to its source material. Yes there are some stupid moments but it's not enough to call this a bad animated movie. The colors and visuals really capture the world of Dr Seuss and the character design is good too. It's fun for the whole family! But whatever you do, do not watch the others!
½ January 3, 2016
Jim Carrey doesn't believe in vaccinations. He and his movies are idiotic
½ December 2, 2015
Outside of the environmental rhetoric it is a fun movie.
November 30, 2015
Horton Hears a Who is a heartwarming rare success in the Dr. Seuss try-hard-adaptations, bring new laughs and energy while sticking to its original spirits.
November 13, 2015
Adults will enjoy along with the little ones this funny finely done tale.
November 1, 2015
A heartwarming adaptation, full with the rhymes in the dialogue, Horton Hears a Who, is a movie for all ages.
September 26, 2015
Dr. Seuss book to movie adaptations haven't been good lately. But Horton Hears A Who's animated adaption from Blue Sky is a different tale. Review by Logan Cornn.
August 26, 2015
Horton Hears a Who! could have been terrible, but it was actually quite pleasant.
August 22, 2015
you know I honestly thought that bluesky would adapt a dr Seuss story so perfect when it was so hard in the past.
August 14, 2015
not the best movie but really cute at times
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