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Hostel Part II Quotes

  • Beth: Let him bleed to death.

  • Todd: You surly got what you want with that face, you fucking skank.

  • Beth: No, motherfucker, it's my money. Just get me a PDA, a SWIFT number and a recipient name. I have accounts in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Isle of Man. Just name your fucking price! Trust me, I got it.

  • Stuart: I am the fucking Hercules.

  • Make-up Woman: I'm gonna make you belle.
    Whitney: Belle for what?
    Make-up Woman: For the client.
    Whitney: WHAT CLIENT? HELP!

  • Make-up Woman: I'm not gonna hurt, OK. I'm gonna clean you up.
    Make-up Woman: I'm not gonna hurt you, OKAY. I'm gonna clean you up.

  • Bubble Gum Kid: Dollar bitch!

  • Beth: Good night Miroslav.
    Whitney: (Drunk) Good night Mirosla
    Whitney: (Drunk) Good night Mirosla.

  • Stuart: People come here to kill people.

  • Beth: You have no wife or family?
    Stuart: My wife? MY WIFE! They don't let me to kill my wife.
    Stuart: My wife? MY WIFE!

  • Whitney: Please help me, what did I do wrong?Sorry!
    Whitney: What did I do wrong? Please don't hurt me.

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