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March 31, 2012
Pure cheesy goodness. A childhood fave, as well. :)
March 20, 2012
Boy, Do I miss John Candy. In this movie he plays Don the horse and as always John Candy steals the show. He is hillarious in this movie. Bobcat Gothwaite is funny too. What a good duo him and Candy. The movie seems like it is going to be dumb but it picks up. I was suprised with all the swearing that it was rated PG so just a word of caution. Hot To Trot is your typical John Candy movie which means from beging to end it is non stop laughter.
December 14, 2011
Funny movie....when i was kid...not anymore
May 30, 2011
Every time this movie is on, I have to watch it. Bobcat, Dabney Coleman and John Candy's voice in a same movie? Come on! That's just comedic GOLD!
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February 28, 2011
I loved Bobcat, but these horses can't act! I enjoyed this silly comedy anyway. It's got a lot of funny jokes, so I found it entertaining even thought the horses got on my nerves from time to time.
February 14, 2011
I think I might be one of the very few people in this world that actually somewhat enjoyed this movie. The plot is incredibly rediculous, but it is a 'sweet' movie and does have a heart and is pretty funny in some parts. John Candy as the voice of the horse was a great choice here, and it's nice to see no lame CGI for talking animals here.
½ October 22, 2010
I wish i could find this movie. It use to be on all the time on HBO all the time and what could be better then John Candy as a talkng horse. Oh the 80's
August 31, 2010
Goldthwait is hilarious, it's great to see him star in a film for once, but unfortunately the other star of this movie is a horse. I don't know about you, but talking horse scenes get on my nerves. Many of the scenes with Bobcat and the horse are hilarious, but the ones with only horses are torture. Overall, this movie is fun but stupid.
August 23, 2010
Not nearly as funny as it was when I was a kid, but Bobcat's schtick never gets old with me.
½ August 5, 2010
Ne mogu virovat da san pogledala ovo. 4 baze i neprocjenivi Zed momenti. Najbolja je mań?ka na televiziji sa titlovima I want tuna, I want liver. Nemoguce lose.
½ July 1, 2010
Objectively it's bad, but I'm kinda embarassed to say I laughed a lot more times than I expected. DON????
May 23, 2010
Many, many and a "barrel" of laughs.
½ April 28, 2010
Gotta love John Candy
½ April 20, 2010
pretty much the best movie ever.
½ April 14, 2010
how low can you go india oats.
April 6, 2010
how low can you go indio oats
½ February 8, 2010
This movie sucks unless you're a fan of Bobcat and John Candy. Since I am, I really love this flick.
January 8, 2010
Only cause I'd seen it a million times in my youth... the movie's better in repeat viewings, over and over.... can't hate Zed... he ain't dead yet...
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December 20, 2009
Pure cheesy goodness. A childhood fave, as well. :)
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