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Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes

  • April: You gotta embrace the chaos. You have to. That way, life might just astonish you.

  • Nick: First of all, Fuck you motherfucker!

  • Lou: Wait, I know that squirrel. That's a magic fuckin' squirrel!

  • Nick: What Color's Michael Jackson?
    Nick: Excuse me miss, what color is Michael Jackson?

  • Jacob: Nobody wants to see your giant shit, Lou.

  • Nick: Looks like some kinda, Hot Tube Time Machine.

  • Lou: John Lennon gets shot,wait,that already happened?
    Lou: John Lennon gets shot, wait, that already happened?

  • Lou: Don't fuckin' lie to me, every one of you people have ritalin.

  • Adam: I hate this decade!

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