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Hotel Transylvania Quotes

  • Jonathan: Check it out i'm a frakenhomie!

  • Dracula: what my hand in a stan shoes?
    Dracula: What my hand in a stan shoes?
    Jonathan: what japan eating lamb stew?
    Jonathan: What japan eating lamb stew?

  • Wayne: What? Now there's no sheep in the road. Let's go.
    Murray: That was pretty sick, man.
    Wayne: You eat lamb chops, it's the same thing.

  • Dracula: Human blood is so fatty and you never know where its been.

  • Dracula: I always thought the worst thing ever would be seeing you go, but the worst is seeing you unhappy.

  • Mavis: hi human!
    Mavis: Hi human!

  • Jonathan: Are these monster gonna kill me?
    Dracula: Not as long as they think you're a monster.
    Jonathan: That's kinda of racist.

  • Dracula: Good morning Mavey Wavey!

  • Mavis: Johnny you have to try this Scream Cheese its awesome!
    Jonathan: Ah, I'm Scream Cheese and tolerant.

  • Suit of Armor: Sir! We have an urgent plumbing issue.

  • Griffin the Invisible Man: Hey I have red hair!

  • Jonathan: I'm not THE Frankenstein. I am his... cousin...Johnnystein
    Jonathan: Well... I'm not the Frankenstein. I'm his... cousin... Johnny-Stein?

  • Martha: Wasn't me...

  • Mavis: You came back? Why?
    Jonathan: Because you're my zing, Mavis.

  • Mavis: Holy rabies!

  • Dracula: Sheep!
    Griffin the Invisible Man: [After driving through the forest] Woo High Five, Don't Leave Me Hangin'!
    Dracula: Ahh.. Lots of sheep!
    Wayne: I Got This One! [He then leaps out of the car, Then the sound of garbling up is heard as Wayne then returns to the car, burping up wool]
    Wayne: [Everyone looks at Wayne after the see a sheep-less road with some disgust] What, Now there's no sheep on the road. Let's Go!
    Murray: That was pretty sick man!
    Wayne: You Eat Lamb Chops, It's The Same Thing!

  • Dracula: While Clinging onto the Airplane [Muffled] Jonathan, Jonathan can you hear me? [The camera shifts to one of the tv which Twilight is being played] Edward: Tell Me, Do you dream of being a Vampire? [Outside the plane] This is how we're represented Unbelievable!

  • Mavis: You're playing with me.

  • Jonathan: So is it true about the garlic thing?
    Dracula: Yes, I can't have it. Makes my throat swell up.

  • Dracula: He's got red hair!
    Griffin the Invisible Man: Excuse me?
    Dracula: What are you moaning about?
    Griffin the Invisible Man: I've got red hair!
    Dracula: How was I supposed to know that?

  • Frankenstein: He's my right arm's cousin!

  • Dracula: I do not say, 'Bleh ble-bleh!'

  • Mavis: Dad, you said when I was 118 years old, I could go out in the world, you gave me your word
    Mavis: Dad, you said when I was 118 years old, I could go out in the world, you gave me your word.

  • Mavis: I thought we zinged, dad.
    Dracula: You and Johnny?
    Mavis: I guess it was just me.

  • Jonathan: The last thing I'll want to do is hurt her and you.

  • Jonathan: I'm allergic to scream cheese!

  • Jonathan: Speaking of awesome, that cape thing is killing it!

  • Frank: But seriously watch out for bad.

  • Griffin the Invisible Man: Guilty? You're irresistible.

  • Jonathan: Out of the way Grandpa!
    Dracula: Stay away from my daughter!

  • Dracula: Leave now
    Dracula: Leave now.
    Jonathan: Sorry Gramps
    Jonathan: Sorry Gramps.

  • Dracula: *hypnotizing tone* Never return!
    Jonathan: Wait! You mean, never return to the hotel?
    Dracula: *stammers a bit* But I just erased your memory! You looked straight into my eyes!
    Jonathan: Oh, maybe it's my contact lenses. Hold up. *starts picking at lens*
    Dracula: Gah! That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen!
    Jonathan: Almost got it.

  • Dracula: Welcome to Hotel Transylvania!

  • Jonathan: Whoa! What's your name?
    Mavis: My names' Mavis.

  • Mavis: Dad. Everyone here is ancient.

  • Jonathan: Hello?
    Dracula: A human!
    Jonathan: What is this place?

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