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August 5, 2012
Ian Hart is good as Lennon, but not as good as when he tackled the role again in "Backbeat". An interesting way to spend an hour, but any longer and it would have possibly lost it's appeal.
½ May 30, 2012
A slight but well acted and mostly well shot speculative work about a vacation that Brian Epstein and John Lennon took in 1963.
½ October 29, 2011
This film still leaves me on the fence everytime I watch it. On one hand, it's a well made film with some great acting and good cinemotography. On the other, I dislike the direction they took with it and felt too much like internet fanfiction than a "what if" story.

The Hours and Times is a fictional retelling of the infamous 1963 Barcelona trip John Lennon and Brian Epstein took, just a week before the start of Beatlemania. Ian Hart plays John Lennon and David Angus plays Brian Epstein. The majority of the movie takes place in their hotel room and most of the dialogue is about gay sex. John being curious about what's it like as a homosexual man living in a time of prejudice, and Brian is forced to keep back his feelings about John.

This is a slightly difficult movie for me to review since my feelings are mixed like I said before. The idea of this film, while ludicrous, still holds and air of possibility. Since what happened during their 1963 trip is completely unknown, everything is up in the air and there was a slight possibility something along these lines could've happened. The acting is really good with Ian Hart being one of the best actors to portray Lennon in my opinion. David Angus also does well portraying Epstein. While there are a few glaring time period mistakes (the most glaring being that while hanging out in the hotel, both men wear athletic clothing from a brand that wasn't created until the late 1980's early 1990's.), it's easy to overlook and didn't bug me too much. It's a shorter film, running only a little over an hour long, but it's still the perfect length as anything longer would've been unncecessary. Those who like homosexual romances in films will find satisfaction, especially in one scene that I don't want to mention, though I will say it involved a bathtub.

I'm not sure who to recommend this to, though I guess if you're a major Beatles fan you may want to check this out. But I'd rather recommend "Backbeat" for them. So, this is really only for those who're curious and want to see more of Ian Hart as John Lennon. That's kind of it. (Real rating: 67%)
June 1, 2011
A very static and, ultimately pointless movie. Speculating heavily on what happened between John Lennon and Brian Epstein on their trip to Barcelona in 1963 (probably the only fact in this movie), this film meanders and stagnates. Even the fine performance of Ian Hart and the not quite as fine performance of David Angus can't save this one for me. The climax (no pun intended) almost comes out of nowhere. This one left me cold.
August 15, 2009
An excellent 60 minutes.
October 20, 2008
fabulous in every way. astounding photography, beautiful plan sequences, amazing speculation. a must-see-must-have.
July 12, 2008
The subtlety and intensity between the 2 men is captured brilliantly! Powerful dialogues and impressive performance by both the leading actors.
½ May 27, 2008
John Lennon and his manager Brian Epstein's trip to Barcelona is the only factual element in Christopher Munch's original film, an evocative, rather painful meditation on the meaning of friendship between two men who could not have been more different.
October 26, 2007
Since I have a great interest for John and his life, (I dislike the term "fan") I really want to see this film. Backbeat is one of my all time favourite films so this one seems a logical choice to see aswell.
Super Reviewer
September 4, 2007
acount of what happend when john lennon and beatles manager brian epstein vacated to barcelona for 4 days before beatlemania broke out, as lennon for reasons needed to get away, here we see them have various conversations in hotel rooms and lobbys, and the film suggests that while epstein is and confirmed his sexuall position(he was gay) but also that he and lenon had a fasination with each other, and actually something was going on and suggests lennnon was actually gay, a great talking heads piece, we go from conversation to conversation, fasinating watching these 2 actors go to work, ian hart as lennon, and david angus as epstein are perfect, there acents spot on, hart with his liverpool acent and angus perfectly showing a stiff upper lip englishman, wether this happend who knows, but im sure epstein has confirmed some of this life, and at a very short 55 mins, not sure this can be clast as a film, but with its black and white photoghraphy, and great acting, im reviewing it on here, a great commpanion piece to other beatles film backbeat
September 3, 2007
pretty artsy but I like that sort of thing.
April 30, 2007
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