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March 5, 2015
its a slow slow slow burn. while the cast has its moments its by the numbers cheap horror thrills and spills. Only good for a laugh with plenty of alcohol and a takeaway.
March 5, 2015
If you think really hard, and do a bit of mental arithmetic, you'll probably come to the conclusion that of all the bad horror movies of the past so many years this could almost be considered a mild highlight of sorts. But then again does this even qualify as an actual horror movie in the first place? As a very good portion of the runtime is much more of a drama than anything else with only a small section at the beginning and at the end even resembling a horror picture. So it doesn't really qualify as a horror, and the vast bulk of teen based drama that makes up everything else is just bland, forgettable, and flat. The only thing this has going for it is Jennifer Lawrence who is clearly too good for the lame material she's given to work with, and the twist isn't exactly terrible in a kind of camp fire style way, but it clearly lacks enough substance for it to be made into a full length movie. My advice: skip this and watch a real horror movie instead.
½ February 23, 2015
Well this was just terrible. Thankfully, I could find humour in its awfulness.
February 17, 2015
A disappointingly bland, rather tame story leaves star Jennifer Lawrence stranded in the dust. An unfortunate misstep, but then again, which American sweetheart's career is complete without a least a couple?
½ February 14, 2015
Thrillers like this are a dime a dozen, but when yours stars current cinema darling Jennifer Lawrence it's gonna be held up to a higher level of scrutiny than the legions of others. Unfortunately The House At The End Of The Street (which is never established as a geographic certainty) never rises above a run of the mill, spooky house, mysterious neighbour whodunnit, with a twist that's telegraphed about a quarter of the way in. From that point it's a formulaic procession of "don't go in there" blunders that are more exasperating than entertaining.
February 12, 2015
Just dumb and terrible. Complete waste of time. Very very stupid.
½ January 26, 2015
Ahhh, could have been so much better! Starts well, nice bit of tension building, but the pay-off is confused, Psycho-copying, hokum, which really doesn't make any real sense with what's gone on before...a bit more flashback resolution would've have helped, but really not that great...
January 18, 2015
same old shit recycled from past movies because the supposed target audience is to dumb to have seen anything good babys first thriller movie leaves little to the imagination much like the white tops Jennifeer lawrence prances about in
January 13, 2015
This movie actually has good qualities, including decent acting and some creepy ideas, but the character's decisions get so stupid and ridiculous that the movie becomes very frustrating to watch. Movies like this get much worse, but that doesn't excuse its flaws. 40/100
½ January 11, 2015
Kept me gripped and to be honest, I didn't see that ending coming at all!
January 8, 2015
I love cheesy thrillers like this. I was so scared I could hardly watch.
January 7, 2015
This film was brilliant, as an avid film watcher I thought the film was a great mix of twists and I was on the edge of my seat, it was a little difficult to understand the relationship between Elissa and Sara at first but it all panned out in the end. Very talented actors and is a very underated movie and I did not see the twist coming!
January 1, 2015
Totally my kind of movie! Awesome thriller.
December 26, 2014
I loved it! It was so awesome and you don't expect anything that happens! I also love Jennifer Lawrence! LOVE!
½ December 7, 2014
Not scary, but still fairly entertaining.
½ November 30, 2014
Thought this movie had a good plot, but it wasn't very scary
November 30, 2014
It doesn't really earn the title horror. It's a half decent thriller you should definitely watch if it's for free and there is nothing else to do.
November 18, 2014
Had I not been watching this movie with a group of a dozen people making snarky remarks the entire time, I probably would have turned off House at the End of the Street within fifteen to twenty minutes. I don't really consider this movie a horror movie; besides three or four jump scares in the movie (which you can tell are coming EVERY time), there's nothing that creepy about House at the End of the Street. But it's not the fact that this movie isn't scary that drags it down; it's the messy plot, bad dialogue, and the utterly unrealistic situations these characters end up in. First of all, the relationship between Elissa and her mom is almost annoying, and isn't really developed at all throughout the movie. Also, Elissa and Ryan's relationship is completely uninteresting as well - they kind of just talk about random stuff for three days (most of this stuff basically just services the plot), then make out one night. Also, Elissa's High School friends are not only more annoying characters, but also unrealistic and unnecessarily violent ones. Also, Ryan, despite being kind of a scrawny guy, is incredibly strong in the movie - "accidentally" cracking someone's neck, getting through a trap door with a freaking washing machine on top of it, picking up characters like they're a sack of potatoes, etc. I could go on and list the number of illogical and stupid things in this story (don't get me started on the script - some of the dialogue in scenes are painful to listen to), but suffice it to say that the script is riddled with a lot of problems. So what works in this movie? ...not a lot. Jennifer Lawrence is great, despite the awful dialogue she's given, and there are a couple good twists and scares in the movie. But that still doesn't really excuse the number of plot holes and cliches that this movie contains.
½ November 18, 2014
Jennifer Lawrence month continues with this so so horror flick. It wasn't the worst premise, but I think it could have been told better. No need to avoid like the plague, but no need to run to it either.
November 17, 2014
Very predictable plot and not enough characterization among any of the characters. As always, loved Jennifer Lawrence, she did a great job and all, but the plot was flat and the whole movie was a thriller without thrills. Did not like, would only recommend if you are bored.
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