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August 30, 2018
This is one of my favourite movies! Don't listen to the haters, it is creative and weird and a classic!
August 29, 2018
Has that grungy feel that rob zombie is.
½ July 16, 2018
This is pretty much texas chainsaw massacre on a $100 budget. wait, no, make that a $10 budget.
May 26, 2018
Such a weird movie, it uses cheap but effective ways to make you feel like you're crazy. Flashing lights, suspence that kept you questioning, psychodelic cut scenes, negatives instead of normal colour... Amazing style!
½ May 22, 2018
Choppy editing, nauseating camerawork and a script dumb enough to lower its audience's IQ, House of 1000 Corpses is a truly terrible movie that serves as an excellent staple for the talent (or lack thereof) of Rob Zombie.
February 15, 2018
house of 1000 will force feed you riveting horror, the kind that defines brilliance
February 10, 2018
Solid entertaining film. I didn't think it was great but decent. I would give this a solid 6/10.
February 9, 2018
Cheesy? Yes. Lazy use of gore just for shock value? Yes. Still entertaining, funny at times, and re-watchable? Yup.
February 6, 2018
Rob Zombies work makes me feel sick to my stomach.
October 17, 2017
if you like good classic movies this is the movie for you it only came out in 2001 but it always gives me that 80s movie feeling to it its a great movie
October 10, 2017
I like this horror movie, its was great movie with House of 1000 Rob Zomie Fan Ever. I just saw Rob Zombie Youtube and talk about video contest in October 2007 who seen "House of 1000 Muppets" its was funny. but I watch this horror movie, its was cool :)
½ September 20, 2017
This movie doesn't make you feel "scared" it make's you so mad that you actually wanna get up and torment somebody for the rest of their life. The characters are your stereotypical redneck trash that kills for some weird ritual. Don't waste your time or money on this garbage.
½ September 3, 2017
Very strange and confusing but enjoyable at some parts.
August 21, 2017
One-of-a-kind musician Rob Zombie makes his love for horror even more obvious with this, his directorial/screenwriting debut. It's not a particularly original film but I don't think it was intended to be. Also, Zombie seldom goes for instant scares, opting instead for atmosphere, suspense and shock. The score, co-written of course by him, was very good, as was the editing and the overall direction. It plays like an homage to his favourite horror films but via his own visual and sonic aesthetics.
August 11, 2017
Damn good movie if you like old school horror!
June 10, 2017
Deeply unnerving and brutally sadistic, House of 1,000 Corpses is a terrifying, bizarre and visionary nightmare of an experience oozing with gore and featuring scary performances from Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon Zombie -- as well as a chilling debut for writer-director Rob Zombie's promising career in horror.
½ June 8, 2017
Sloopy, incoherent film with a flawed story narrative and hallow characters that you could care less about. This film is 90 minutes or so of unpleasant gore porn. You wind up questioning why you even bothered watching this by the end of the film.
½ May 24, 2017
Not a horrible horror movie. If I never see it again, that would be ok.
May 20, 2017
Extreme horror films hadn't hit it big until a couple years later in 2005 when Eli Roth's "Hostel" came out and I think if this film had been released around that time it might have been a bigger success. Instead, this film took some years to find it's cult following. The story, such as it is, follows a group of young people, two of which are played by Chris Hardwick and Rainn Wilson, ironically visiting the roadside attraction "The Museum of Monsters & Madmen" run by the wonderfully creep Sid Haig as the clown-faced Captain Spaulding. From there, the film becomes something of a greatest hits of 70s grindhouse horror films. Writer/director Rob Zombie has made a grizzly love letter to films ranging from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" to "Last House on the Left" to "The Hills Have Eyes" to "Spider Baby" to really too many to mention. Zombie has some nice visual stylistics (grainy black & white documentary-like footage, an incredibly long crane shot, or delightfully creepy over-the-top production design) mixed among others that don't quiet work (mainly the ugly photo negative effects). Also in the film's positive column is a to-die-for cast of character actors, including Karen Black, Bill Moseley, Irwin Keyes, Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley, Dennis Fimple, and Michael J. Pollard. The overall effect of all this is a disconnected mishmash of partially developed ideas that felt as if Zombie was trying to cram in every single horror movie idea he'd ever had into one film. If there is a unifying story, it's the teens trying to survive their captivity by the maniacal Firefly family, which then follows the classic "last girl" horror trope. However there are tons of dangling story threads involving the legend of Doctor Satan, Tom Towels and Walton Goggins investigating the missing teens, or just odd one off musical numbers and other throwaways scenes. Still, despite the film being kind of a mess, it's also kind of a glorious mess for fans of the type of film Zombie is celebrating.
½ May 6, 2017
Directorial debut from shock rocker Rob Zombie, house of 1000 corpses is a promising, cult horror film. About a group of cross country bag packers documenting roadside attractions whom get kidnapped by a family of psychopathic killers. An out and out crazy, violent gore fest, which Zombie's experimental filming style really captured the insanity. A great and different horror.
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