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The House That Dripped Blood Quotes

  • Charles: That's Dominic. He's the villain in my story. He's a strangler who's escaped an asylum for the criminally insane. He roams the country side at night searching for fresh victims laughing maniacally as he kills them.
    Alice: Sometimes I wonder where you get your ideas.
    Charles: Looking through the window. That's where I first saw him this morning, after you'd left.
    Alice: You saw him?
    Charles: Only in my mind's eye. From now on Dominic is my partner in crime. He's going to make us a lot of money.
    Alice: Well here's to Dominic.

  • Insp. Holloway: Sergeant Martin?
    Police Sergeant Martin: Yes.
    Insp. Holloway: Detective Inspector Holloway.
    Police Sergeant Martin: Good afternoon sir. It's quite an honour to have you come all this way down from Scotland Yard
    Insp. Holloway: You think so? I've got more important things on my tray than chasing temperamental film stars.

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