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June 22, 2013
I'm not sure the movie will end up earning back its stars' huge salaries, but you definitely can't argue they didn't earn them.
January 26, 2012
August 12, 2011
Some of the bits are funny, every now and then they're sweet, the performances are OK and really, with this much talent involved, it's hard not to be disappointed in that.
May 3, 2011
What makes any of these kinds of movies run involves the appeal of the main actors, and all three, stalwart in their screen likabilities, smooth the proceedings.
April 4, 2011
Not enough films let their characters talk enough. Because if they did it would usually stop the idiotic plot in its tracks. Points for meandering down the road less traveled.
January 28, 2011
Though the film was a box-office dud in the US, Brooks delivers an amusing and consistenly engaging relationship piece that is a cut above the standard romantic comedy.
January 27, 2011
Brooks is back with another warm, smart romance along the lines of As Good As It Gets. The snappy characters are well-played by a strong cast, which makes it steadily entertaining even if it's not hugely believable.
January 3, 2011
I'll take the movie's distinctive warts over the pasteurized engineering of current comedies any day of the week
December 28, 2010
Unconventional rom-com that is really neither but gets by on the charisma of the cast including Whiterspoon and especially Rudd who can do no wrong.
December 25, 2010
At least half the film plays out at an acceptable level of amusement until its excessively repeated indecisions makes you hanker for the fast forward. This happens well before you reach the two hour mark.
December 23, 2010
Kudos to Brooks for crafting Lisa as the kind of smart, level-headed, capable, red-blooded, confident female protagonist we almost never get to see in the movies.
December 22, 2010
a warm and fuzzy film that somehow manages to avoid the trap of becoming cloying. It finds piquant and pithy humor and pathos in watching grown-ups who don't quite know what they want
December 17, 2010
I still like James L. Brooks movies. He lost most people after Spanglish so they probably won't like How Do You Know either, but I appreciate a romantic comedy where people talk about what's actually going on.
December 17, 2010
...a good, though not great, romantic comedy that entertains because of its stars. The story is a pedestrian boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl yarn but the actors make it better.
December 17, 2010
Brooks has given us the rare contemporary rom-com that's by turns (if intermittently) thoughtful and funny, and that doesn't feel focus-grouped, cynical, misogynist, or mean. It seems ungenerous not to cut such a generous movie a break.
December 17, 2010
How Do You Know isn't Brooks' best. Witherspoon is too uneasy in her role. But thanks to Rudd, plus Kathryn Hahn as... George's loyal secretary and Nicholson as his father, it delivers a number of delights.
December 17, 2010
A thoroughly enjoyable and surprisingly lightweight romantic comedy from writer-director James L. Brooks.
December 17, 2010
Witherspoon, whose movie characters often exhibit a whim of iron even though they have a Barbie twinkle, is well cast.
December 17, 2010
Complex romcom is sweet, if not a home run.
December 17, 2010
...intermittently enjoyable, but like its characters too neurotic and uptight to get out of its own way.
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