How High Reviews

July 19, 2002
May 11, 2002
Not all the gags work, not all the gross-outs serve the greater good, but How High is funny, quick, and the very definition of a pleasant surprise.
January 6, 2002
For better or for worse, How High knows what its audience wants and serves it to them, straight up, without any sort of moral or ethical chaser.
December 26, 2001
Maintains a consistent level of a swaggering, semi-anarchic silliness reminiscent of '70s youth-skewing comedies.
December 21, 2001
Features a fine mix of several generations of comic talent plus a terrific soundtrack from its stars.
December 21, 2001
Like its lead characters, this movie is smarter than it sometimes acts.
December 21, 2001
I could feel whole chunks of my brain dissolving, my cinematic standards being lowered, and my desire to send a check to NORML grow as I watched this movie and loudly laughed my ass off.
December 21, 2001
The infectious high spirits amid its cartoonish chaos compensate for the film's bald deficiencies and gag-inducing gags.
December 21, 2001
Aims low but smacks the funny bone considerably more often than it misses.
December 21, 2001
There's ... enough cheery mockery to amuse even non-tokers.
December 20, 2001
A hip-hop comedy that succeeds even when How High tests how low it can go.
December 20, 2001
Method Man ... proves to be a likable performer as he tosses off and wanders through How High's gags.
December 20, 2001
A spottily amusing showcase for rappers Method Man and Redman.
December 19, 2001
Lowbrow, vulgar, and certainly formulaic, it's also creative, absolutely hilarious, and ... knows better than to shoot over its audience's heads.
December 2, 2001
Bling Bling!