Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas Reviews

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December 10, 2003
In adding material, The Grinch loses much of its rhythm and the heart within it shrinks three sizes right along with it.
October 23, 2003
How the Grinch Stole Christmas is thick with irony but doesn't have the guts to explore any of it.
January 29, 2003
August 16, 2002
You may feel like he stole 2 hours instead of Xmas and you'll want them back.
July 29, 2002
A shockingly noisy, ugly film.
June 15, 2002
"We'll slow down the pace and add flashback scenes, "To the time when the Grinch was less furry, less green. "We'll beef up the part of little Cindy Lou Who, "Throw in lots of slapstick and sentiment, too.
May 30, 2002
So the true meaning of Christmas and the simplicity of Dr. Seuss' classic holiday message were exploited by the crass commericialism of Universal Pictures. Did we really expect anything different?
May 8, 2002
By the time that you read this short essay of ours / The Grinch will have made ten squintillion more dollars!
February 28, 2002
Other than some pretty good set design and special effects, there was nothing new of value in this version.
January 27, 2002
November 1, 2001
Watching it approaches the disturbing position of being bedside as a loved one expires from a terminal disease.
October 24, 2001
We should probably be grateful that The Grinch is merely flawed and mediocre, not the flat-out disaster it could have been.
August 17, 2001
Perhaps 20 minutes too long and subject to torpor.
April 23, 2001
Less entertaining, less enlightening and less educational than either the book or the video.
April 1, 2001
For tales that require some edge, it is safe to deduce that Ron Howard is no match for the great Dr. Seuss.
February 27, 2001
The movie feels like it is perpetually in conflict, torn between its desire to be both a light-hearted fable and a dark black comedy.
February 7, 2001
...severely (and unwittingly) alters the very source material beyond a point of explanation.
February 7, 2001
One of the ugliest movies ever perpetrated on a mass audience.
January 1, 2001
A movie with good set and costume design, and very little else.
January 1, 2000
It is impossible to watch Grinch and not think wistfully of that magical moment in the TV special.
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