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How to Deal Quotes

  • Macon: You're gonna let this slide, because it's only the first day, it was an honest mistake, and the fire got put out as quickly as it was started.

  • Macon: Hey, I'm back.
    Halley: You really don't get it, do you? And I don't wanna wait for you to grow up.

  • Halley: Oh, Macon, I think I like you too much already to actually go out with you.
    Macon: What kinda logic is that?
    Halley: It's logical logic. Haven't you ever noticed that when two members of the opposite sex get together eventually someone ends up getting hurt.

  • Macon: You're afraid to go out with me because you might actually like me?
    Halley: No... but that's a good theory I guess if you wanna protect your fragile male ego because you can't handle rejection.

  • Halley: I imagine Star Wars figurines must be expensive.
    Macon: I don't have Star Wars figurines... well, not many. But I don't play with them... much.

  • Grandmas Halley: First loves are near really over. Nobody's perfect, sweetheart. But it doesn't mean it wasn't worth your while.

  • Halley: Some people fall in love. I had to crash into it.

  • Macon: If you are ready to jump, I will be here to catch you.

  • Halley: The quickest way to ruin a relationship with someone is to actually try to have a relationship with them.

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