How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog Reviews

March 4, 2017
Fails to overcome its vapid drama.
July 3, 2005
A minor film that's no more than a trifle with some comic touches
March 1, 2002
Falsehoods pile up, undermining the movie's reality and stifling its creator's comic voice.
February 22, 2002
Kenneth Branagh's energetic sweet-and-sour performance as a curmudgeonly British playwright grounds this overstuffed, erratic dramedy in which he and his improbably forbearing wife contend with craziness and child-rearing in Los Angeles.
February 22, 2002
... comes alive only when it switches gears to the sentimental.
February 22, 2002
Despite the top-quality talent and some occasionally witty shots on the vanity of Hollywood, this Dog simply isn't best in show.
February 22, 2002
A wordy wisp of a comedy.
February 22, 2002
This toothless Dog, already on cable, loses all bite on the big screen.
February 22, 2002
... has its moments, but ultimately, its curmudgeon doesn't quite make the cut of being placed on any list of favorites.
February 21, 2002
It seems to have been more fun for Branagh to play than it is for us to watch.
February 21, 2002
Disjointed parody.
February 19, 2002
As crimes go, writer-director Michael Kalesniko's How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog is slight but unendurable.
January 10, 2002
It's a trifle of a movie, with a few laughs surrounding an unremarkable soft center.
December 5, 2001
Mildly amusing.