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June 28, 2015
Even with the chemistry between Hudson and McConaughey,the script never gives this movie a chance.
½ May 19, 2015
Great chemistry between McConaughey and Hudson make the film easy to watch and charming to enjoy.
April 22, 2015
Absolutely love this movie.

Kate Hudson played Andie Anderson a writer with great ambition who works for a women's magazine who has to write an article on how to lose a guy in 10 days.

The slight problem is the guy she has picked is trying to win a pitch at his job and he has to make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days.

The movie has me laughing from start to end. It is very well written and you get to see the games each plays. Will Andie get her perfect article? Will Benjamin get his pitch for the delauer diamond company? Watch and you will find out :)
April 16, 2015
It was ok i guess...*does 'so so' gesture with the hand* eeeeh? Good thing I didn't see it in a theatre.
The acting was all right, but halfway through the film I forgot who was doing what or for what reason. Found the premise of the story a bit cheezy.
If there is nothing else on TV might as well watch this.
(I didnt understand, if she wanted to write about politics and religion why was she working for a fashion magazine? )
April 1, 2015
An entertaining romantic comedy and Kate Hudson is a treat with engaging comic flair.
½ March 9, 2015
She (Kate Hudson) is a columnist who has an assignment to act crazy to drive away a suitor within 10 days. He (Matthew McConaughey) is an advertising rep who, to win a big contract at work, has to get a woman to fall in love with him within 10 days. Neither knows what the other's agenda is. The result is that she has to act like an insensitive, clingy, whiny, selfish jerk while he has to act like an ultra-understanding, tolerant gentleman. Her motivation is mean-spirited; his is simply impossible to believe. The result is a predictable and nasty courtship. There _is_ some chemistry between the leads, and one sequence where he introduces her to his family, is quite nice. But overall, I was underwhelmed. I gather women like this movie much more than men.
½ March 8, 2015
One of those chick flicks that everybody can find enjoyable.

February 21, 2015
Not going to lie, I would have been happier - much happier - had they remained ruthless (which is entertaining), or heck, never even gotten together (because that's the realistic route) - but considering this is a rom-com, I suppose I knew what I was getting myself into. It's cute at the end, which is what makes me give this an extra 0.5 star ... but that's it, really. Otherwise, it's quite meh.
February 6, 2015
I don't usually like typical romcoms. i prefer mine with a bit more bite or a few twists along the way, and this fits the bill. both parties here have a secret agenda, and they have to overcome the false premises under which they started dating to be a real couple. not all THAT original, but at least it's not sappy.
½ January 28, 2015
Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are a great pair but the movie around them is awful. Full review later.
½ December 30, 2014
Now, I like a good romantic comedy- Silver Linings Playbook, While You Were Sleeping- But THIS made me want to shoot myself in the head five minutes in. Most boring, insipid, cliched piece of trash I've ever had the displeasure of being forced to sit through.
December 28, 2014
Classic Rom-com of my generation and the Matthew McConaughey rom-com period. Not much there in the "com" part but a likable story overall.
December 7, 2014
A charming and funny movie, worth a good watch. 64/100
December 6, 2014
You can't lose something you never had
December 3, 2014
Great chemistry between the two of them.
½ November 22, 2014
Though How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days gets to a good start with a pair of talented leads and solid laughs, but however the script becomes more and more clinched and becomes less funny as the film progresses.
November 7, 2014
Very enjoyable, funny. The cast worked well together.
September 27, 2014
It's not terribly un-clever in it's use of irony and other little details. It's just so painful to watch. I have a hard time watching comedies where people dig their own graves or purposely try and make someone else miserable/ruin their life and this movie is both of those. I think the only two good things about this movie is Katheryn Hahn and when McConaughey takes his shirt off.
September 18, 2014
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is about Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) who makes a bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is assigned to write an article on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days." They meet in a bar shortly after the bet is made and from there starts the 10 days. It's directed by Donald Petrie who before this directed movies such as Miss Congeniality and Grumpy Old Men. Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long wrote the book How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days while Kristen Buckley, Brian Regan and Burr Steers are credited with writing the screenplay for the movie.

You have to thank my wife for the string of movies here that are either Romantic Comedies or Dramas because those are the movies that she enjoys the most. Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive who must compete with two female co-workers to win pitching to a diamond merchant. He makes a bet with his competitors that if he can make any girl fall in love with him in 10 days that he gets to pitch to the company and they agree. Then there is Andie Anderson who, to try and expand her writing career to write more meaningful stories, is writing a story on how to lose a guy in 10 days. They both go to a nearby bar to find their so called "victim" and with each having their own bet to win, will either party be able to do it?


The scene where Andie meets Ben's family and they play a game of B.S. is my favorite. I enjoyed this scene so much because I loved the interaction of everyone and how they made her feel like part of the family. I also enjoyed this because its one of the first times in the movie that you can tell that she is really falling for him.

I really enjoyed watching Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson work together on this film because at the beginning you could tell that they were just two people trying to win a bet. Then as the movie went on you could tell that they were losing site of the bet as their feelings got in the way. They worked well together which just made it that much more believable and I enjoyed that.

Overall I would give this movie a B+. The chemistry of actors can really make or break a film and I feel like for this film it worked. They really worked well together and when Kate Hudson was at her craziest Matthew McConaughey reactions were what I believe any guy would do in that situation. If you have a weekend that you can't decide what to watch go check this out.
September 4, 2014
I love watching this movie! it gives me sanity time and I enjoy seeing others battle out relations with each other!
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