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April 28, 2016
The story is convoluted and we never get much of an explanation, but "Howl's Moving Castle" is another odd beauty to behold from distinguished director Hayao Miyazaki.
½ April 27, 2016
Truly great film. I fell in love with Howl in the film, and then read the book. Very glad I read the book after loving the movie, as it is a huge departure.
April 23, 2016
"The one thing you can always count on is that hearts change."
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April 10, 2016
More imaginative than a barrel of monkeys, the story here is secondary to the execution, and the story is better than most by far. A fairytale, yes, but for young and old. Don't allow naysayers to put you off.
March 9, 2016
weird pacing so so ending but good movie in general
March 9, 2016
Devoid of substance but kids should like it.

A shy young woman, Sofi, is cursed by a bitter witch. As a result she becomes very old. She sets off in search of a means to break the curse. Soon she encounters a giant moving castle, owned by young man, Howl...

Pretty much your standard Hayao Miyazaki movie. Intriguing set-up but the movie quickly degenerates into a rambling adventure for a plot with random action scenes and equally random solutions to problems, and no character depth or engagement. Howl's Moving Castle escalates into randomness sooner than most, making it even worse than normal.

No real themes or profundities (par for the course, again). All this - rambling, random plot, lack of character depth, no profundities - make this unsuitable for intelligent adults. Kids should like it though.
March 2, 2016
I can't believe I waited so long to watch this one! This is probably one of the best stories I've encountered yet. Highly entertaining! !!
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½ February 14, 2016
An excellent film, and one of Miyazaki's absolute best. This is a masterpiece of an animated film, and is so much fun to watch. I love this movie.
February 12, 2016
I loved the book, and possibly loved the movie even more! I still haven't bought a copy yet, but it is on my to- purchase list.
January 21, 2016
This movie is close to perfect watch it please
January 15, 2016
It's amazing, original, inventive, and superb. Miyazaki seems to tell the story directly into the soul. I remember thinking when Howl first shares his hideaway with Sofie "This is one of the most beautiful shots I've ever seen..." but it wasn't. The shot itself wasn't even real, it was animated. And separated from it's context, it's just an ok shot. But it's Miyazaki's masterful storytelling that created something bigger than just the lines, colors, and sound: he created an exquisite moment in storytelling. And that is exactly what Howl's Moving Castle is: exquisite storytelling.
½ January 10, 2016
It may not be one of the studios best films, but it sure leaves its mark as delightful family entertainment
January 4, 2016
Another winner coming from the award winning director Hayao Miyazaki. "Howl's Moving Castle" is a charming, colorful fairy tale that brightens up our eyes with imagery that can only be found in our dreams. The director's sense of humor is still wonderful as ever and his magical storytelling again shatters our expectations. A film for everyone to see.
December 20, 2015
Visually captivating. Yet, at times the dialogue seems all of a sudden out of the ordinary compared to the entirety of the film. However, the exaggeration in dialogue calls for some good laughs, like "there's no point in living if I can't be beautiful."
½ December 10, 2015
It has some charm to it and of course the stunning eye visuals, yet personally this is my least favorite movie out of Miyazaki.
½ December 5, 2015
Taking a break from studying to become more confused. It's been a long time since I've read the book, but I remember it making more sense than the movie. Why is there a war led by the witch, and why does she randomly stops it when Howl gets his heart back, which somehow Calcifer survives for reasons? Why isn't Sophie an old lady more? Why does she love Howl when they barely have any screen time together? The scarecrow is in love with her and is a prince from somewhere? Why does the other witch wants to kill Howl and then doesn't? What the hell was going on with the dog? Is it another wizard? What is happening? Why is Howl a bird monster thing?
It was pretty though.
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December 2, 2015
While the plot may seem a bit derivative (as well as the score and the characterizations) when compared to Miyazaki's greater works, this captivating animation is nevertheless an entertaining adventure of enchanting visuals and an always delicious sense of humor.
December 1, 2015
one of my favourite movie
November 26, 2015
For my next anime feature, I decided to go with Howl's Moving Castle based on recommendations from people I know (classmates and girlfriend). And this is a really nice movie. Definitely not as weird or violent as Princess Mononoke. This is more of a children's story filled with heart. If Princess Mononoke was the anime equivalent of Lord Of The Rings, then Howl's Moving Castle is the anime equivalent of Harry Potter with all of it's magic. A very warm-hearted film that any fan of animation should see.
½ November 15, 2015
Saw this on 14/8/15
Although well animated, this Miyazaki outing has a pedestrian story that is too dull, slow and boring, moreover, the lack of interesting characters are also frustrating and compared to his other films, Miyazaki fails to create a rich and interesting world. It may be my disappointment speaking, but unlike his other films, Moving castle does not have a purpose, it's story means nothing. Princess Mononoke had a sensible story which can be seen as a social allegory or a truely fantastic epic fantasy. I also felt slightly disappointed with The Wind Rises because I didn't know what kind of a film it was, but it's not the film's fault and I respect Miyazaki for that. I am also disturbed that the titular character Houl has really no role in the film and the film simply revolves around Sophie and instead of exploring the fantasy themes, it simply satisfies itself as a romantic movie.
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