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The Hudsucker Proxy Quotes

  • Norville Barnes: You know.....for kids.
    Norville Barnes: You know...for kids.

  • Chief: Yeah, and if a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump it's ass a-hoppin'.

  • Board Member: Waring Hudsucker was never an easy man to figure out. He built this company with his bare hands, every step he took was a step up, except of course this last one.

  • Amy Archer: I used to think you were a swell guy. Well, to be honest, I thought you were an imbecile. But then I figured out you WERE a swell guy... A little slow, maybe, but a swell guy. Well, maybe you're not so slow, But you're not so swell either. And it looks like you're an imbecile after all!

  • Amy Archer: Norville Barnes, you don't know a thing about that woman. You don't know who she really is. Only a numbskull thinks he knows things about things he knows nothing about.

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