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December 18, 2016
Great Robert Downey Jr.Produced Flick -- perhaps not for everyone -- but I loved it!
June 4, 2013
I think it is suppose to be funny, but the laughs are not there.
½ April 7, 2013
Disjointed jumble of whatnot.
July 5, 2012
OMG I love this movie!
November 24, 2010
liked the cast, unusual story
½ August 22, 2010
Lots of fun. Conclusion: people with pools are a bit crazy. ALS victim's depiction very real (my mom had the Lou Gerig's disease, too) and I enjoyed all the various themes ahd characters. It would have been nice to have the option of "subtitles for the hearing impared" since Downey is sometimes difficult to understand!
½ August 16, 2010
Sorry but i did not like this movie...

I have seen this only For My Lovely ROBERT DOWNEY JR...
August 11, 2010
It's Robert Downey Sr, therefore extremely quirky. It was a bit touching at the end however, all the moreso because his wife died from ALS.
May 24, 2010
well besides alyssa millano is in it kindof odd and yet funny movie
½ April 14, 2010
Maybe it's because of a teen obsession with Alyssa Milano, but I enjoyed this movie back in the day. At a time when I was used to seeing formulaic garbage, this movie really took chances and was something different; something unique.

Quirky is probably the best way to describe it, and the relationship between Milano's character and Dempsey's character really makes the movie. An Oscar-caliber film? No way. A good way to spend an evening and learn that all movies and not just recycled garbage from older movies? Certainly.
March 29, 2010
liked the cast, unusual story
March 20, 2010
Robert Downey's (that's senior) quirky and stilted film about . . . well, Alyssa Milano being adorable, basically. She is, but so is everyone else in the film. If there's a single more adorable film in existence, I don't know about.

Hugo Pool is not perfect. It's a bit double-edged, and is almost like two entirely different films-- one off-beat comedy and one serious drama-- were sewn together. The film is clearly close to Robert Downey's heart, dedicated in the meory of his late wife (not Jr's mother) who died of ALS, the same condition that Milano's film love interest is stricken with. At times, this secondary plot looks out of place, but it's thankfully kept to a minimum.

Sean Penn's relationship with Malcom McDowell is the most adorable on-screen unspoken romance since Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. Robert Downey Jr.'s spastic and semi-coherent performance as a murderer/director is endearing and worrying. Cathy Moriarty is smokey, rough and self-assured. Alyssa Milano is the star and doesn't allow any secondary character's to take our attention-- a remarkable feat considering the stellar performances all around.

The film is a Robert Downey Sr. film, though, which means it's not a polished Hollywood production, despite the aesthetic and stars. The direction and actinf is intentionally stilted and the characters exist in barely over-lapping realities, with Milano being the only string. But what a lovely and endearing string it is.
February 18, 2010
this is one of those terrible indie movies were every character is "quirky" and all the actors are doing weird accents. strangely, only downey and perhaps sean penn know what they're doing in this mess. they both go for broke, in opposite directions. downey as well...downey on let's say, some very choice uppers, and penn in i-will-kill-you-with-a-look method acting mode. the other performances are rather charmless, especially alyssa milano in the lead. that's right, alyssa milano is the lead actor. that should tell you what you need to know right there.
January 21, 2010
I've read about this film for years, and I think I'd give it a chance. But I wouldn't go too far out of my way to do it.
December 13, 2009
Alyssa Milano's character called Hugo? Storyline doesn't sound to great anyways
October 31, 2009
Somewhat strange, but strangely captivating.
½ September 17, 2009
utter rubbish... this movie's only saving grace is getting to watch the star-studded cast in their younger days. McDreamy does a Hawking, Iron Man does Eurotrash & Milano does a Rory
March 30, 2009
she is so hot, ill watch just for her
Super Reviewer
February 18, 2009
Hmm sounds interesting.
Okay cast too.
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