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½ February 17, 2015
Bill Murray's endearing performance aside, Hyde Park on the Hudson is a relatively loose biopic that fails to justify many of it's assertions.
February 1, 2015
Worth at least one watch
½ December 20, 2014
It's one of those films where it's sort-of hard to follow along and the only enjoyment you can find is what the film was able to offer: good performances and a meaning. (B)

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½ December 20, 2014
12/16/14 What can I say? I liked it. It made me laugh at its very subtle humor. Really the whole film is just one long joke about hot dogs. But I didn't care, it still was endearing, even if it was pure fantasy and not a true biopic.
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December 7, 2014
In "Hyde Park on Hudson," Daisy(Laura Linney) spends most of her days caring for her invalid aunt(Eleanor Bron). That holds true until she is summoned by her cousin Franklin(Bill Murray). To her, it does not matter that he is the president of the United States, just that he makes her laugh. And she makes a good companion for him, especially in giving him hand jobs. That holds true until a planned visit by the king(Samuel West) and queen(Olivia Colman) of England.

Have you ever heard of a movie getting trampled by bad reviews and then wondered how it could ever be that bad when it apparently has everything going for it? And then watched it only to find out that yes it is that bad? Well, for me, that movie is "Hyde Park on Hudson" which contains lots of lovely period detail and technically fine performances but outside of Olivia Williams as Eleanor Roosevelt, all of this is as lively as the average wax museum.(When are we getting that Eleanor Roosevelt biopic anyway?) Plus, there is the repetitive and unnecessary narration and a point of view that is superfluous at best which admittedly does point out that British American relations were a little rough in the years before PBS.
½ November 14, 2014
Bill Murray is superb....they should make a Part II, set I the war, featuring a weekend with Churchill
½ October 12, 2014
What a disappointment! This movie was just a soap opera that manages to get a theatrical release.
October 9, 2014
It can be difficult to translate the experience of watching a play to traditional film. The strength of the story is tested when it changes mediums. In the case of "Hyde Park on Hudson," it may have been a benefit that I knew it had been a play first, even though I had not seen the play. I watched it as a play, so it wasn't as poorly received by me as it appears to have been by others. Maybe it is my generation, but seeing Bill Murray continue to take on roles like this does my heart good. While I can't say he did an admirable job of portraying a president I've never seen in social situations, he definitely holds his own in the company of veteran Laura Linney. The history of the story of "Daisy" and her special relationship with FDR has been challenged, so knowing how valid the story is becomes important if the reason for watching is to understand history. However, the historical components that include the King and Queen of England are known and add to perceived authenticity of the overall story. Also, given Daisy's length of service with the FDR library and museum years after FDR's death, one can make an assumption that a good portion is probably true. However, the blunt nature in which their relationship begins makes the viewer have to adjust rather suddenly in ascertaining exactly what the point of the movie is, which I'm sure is the reason for many viewers being turned off by the film. Once past that early scene, though, I was able to appreciate the story for what it was. Yes, it could have gone a more traditional route and helped establish more depth around just who Daisy was, but again, this was a play. Characters just don't often get constructed that way. There is little time to do them justice and to have done that for the film may have been perceived as tarnishing the source material. While it isn't a bad film, one has to question why it was deemed worthy of translating to film. It didn't accomplish enough or have the historical strength required to be a story worthy of the big screen.
October 1, 2014
2.5 stars really...while i can see why this was considered to be boring, dull, trite, rote even...cliche....etc....and panned....i still kind of liked having it on as a half background movie while working....it works for that...the music is placid and pretty as are the sets and the peformacnes are good...but as you might have heard, the narration is tedious and the story plodding and uninteresting....but, to conclude, i'd say if you like history and bio-pics...or just like bill murray....you might probably wanna have a look, esp if you have something else to half do while it's on....or if you just watched ken burn's long and great Roosevelts series.....it's worth peeking at this....or don't...u'll be fine
September 21, 2014
Tries to imitate successful historical biopics like The King's Speech and Warm Springs but without really understanding either what makes them compelling or the figures involved.
September 16, 2014
Incredibly underrated and impeccably cast. A fascinating look at the everyday struggles of the presidency.
September 14, 2014
"It's never a bad movie, but it can't quite gel into a good one either."
September 1, 2014
Bill Murray is a rather good fit for FDR (perhaps not quite as good as some previous actors to don the part, but quite adequate in his own right), and though the film does seem to try and balance itself between the rather more melodramatic tale of the President's numerous mistresses and the more interesting tale of his meeting with the King and Queen of England and their attempts to unite in the face of the forthcoming war, the film has some entertaining and interesting moments along the way that ultimately make it an interesting experience overall.
½ July 28, 2014
While the movie description refers to the royal visit prior to the second world war, this movie is more focussed on the relationship between FDR and his mistress Daisy, or how she perceives it. Reminds you that not everything is as it seems.
½ July 16, 2014
Should offer insight to a largely unknown part of history but its far too clumsy.
½ June 30, 2014
I suppose the critics were really hard on this film due to its lack of direction. On one hand it's the story of F.D.R.'s rife infidelity. It is narrated by Laura Linney, who plays Roosevelt's distant cousin Daisy; and one of the president's love interests. Contrastingly, it tells the story of the English monarchy's first ever visit to America. This momentous event is a historical truth, although much of the detail is speculative. Perhaps the script could have been a bit tighter and more focused, but I rather enjoyed this unique insight into a part of history I remain fairly ignorant of.

The acting stood out for me as especially superb. I honestly didn't know that Bill Murray had the ability to make an audience forget his true identity. He must have studied F.D.R.'s mannerisms for ages, so complete was the transformation. He was at once licentious, candid, conversational, needy, and a little creepy. I hadn't known much about Roosevelt coming into the film, and so I was riveted. I found the casting of King George VI refreshing; although Olivia Colman's was surely a bit shrill and frantic for the lovely Queen Mum. Did she just mellow gracefully into a serene old woman? Or was her panicked anxiety merely a film device?

In any event, I deem the other reviews a bit unfair. Bill Murray should look back on this one as one of his finer achievements.
June 28, 2014
Interesting, but not very historically accurate or very flattering to the the late Queen Mum.
June 27, 2014
Any film with Bill Murray and Laura Linney in it should be a success. Sadly that is not the case here. This incomplete film focuses on a weekend in Hyde Park when the king and queen of England come to visit. The other focus is the relationship between Daisy and FDR. Neither really work, the humour is forced and the drama over played. A disappointing film about a great man.
June 26, 2014
ive allways wanted to see it in theatres but nobody wanted to take me smh
½ May 26, 2014
A very bad film. Could not understand the film at all. Was it about the love story of Roosevelt or the journey of the king and queen of england. ?
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