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September 21, 2015
I Accuse

This deals with the real life events of The Dryfus Affair. I thought that this was pretty good depiction of the real life events concerning the Dryfus Affair. There may be a few details missing but the acting, resemblance, and decor all looked fairly accurate.

The military arrest Dryfus on vague reasons such as a letter transmitted by the Germans that was intercepted with the ending with Mr. D from Germans. Head German leaders assume it is Dryfuss and do not further the investigation.

Arrested Dryfus over similar handwriting and because he is a Jew

There were some who despised foreigners and Jews who

They make ip that they Believe Dryfus has powerful friends so they don't put him on trial.

They do an unwarranted search of Dreyfusses home in search for more incriminating evidence.

Maid demands to be paid in fears the family will loose money. maid believes in newspapers over loyalty to home owners.

Dryfuss commanding officer is the only one who doubts that Dryfus is truly guilty.

Spiral loop behaved like a guilty man because his hand was shaking. How does a guilty man behave but gives little response to explain.

Dryfus kind of man who wants to learn everything. Based upon that they say it is characteristics of a spy.

Spends late to fulfill his duty.

Dryfus was born in an area that was French but that area since 1870 was a German territory.

Dryfus family may or may not do business with Germany but Dryfus is loyal to France.

A single document is the reason they prove Dryfus is considered guilty.

Guy comes in to sell military secrets inside the French army itself.

For many Dryfus was liked for his company he keeps. He was a hard worker in the military which is commendable. He enjoyed his work in the military.

All dislike change

War minter

Counter espionage number of documents have gone missing. Suspect spies.

Dryfus on Disillusioned officer.

Estage Esterhousy always looking for money.

Many officers in French army who are not French.

Jew on senior staff. First time ever.

Scoundrel D know he was an Artillery officer.

Get an expert on handwriting to analysis letter.

Dryfus used to be grim and serious before joined senior staff and now he is happy. He tells brother Matthew that He rather be Captain of the army than president.

Intested in espionage rather than calligraphy. All analysis derives from a theory.

Suspicious but not

Dryfuss is well off with no need for money.

Military did not want media publicity.

Won't allow his wife or lawyer to see Dryfus until the day of the court marshal.

Serconstatial Cercomstancial evidence against Dryfus that confirms nothing of his

There is a spy in German embassy.
Not a German spy the other real spy can work safely.

Affairs get into the media and now German embassy is aware. Security at risk.

Hand writing analyst was the single Spiral loop over Angular twist in hand writing.

Dreyfus always had money not always aware where Dreyfus got his money.

Inadequate evidence against Dryfus centered into one document.

Made Dreyfus public humiliation stripped his uniform and snapped his sword in two.

An innocent man has been degraded. He yells I am innocent Long live France while crowd boos and hisses traitor.

Can not go over heads of advisors.
Must keep his name out.

Alfred Dryfus was denied in letters from his wife even though Dryfuss sends letters out all the time from Devils Island.
No one speaks and no one talks to him.

Give back life that was taken away from him.

Mother lies to her children about the real truth of his father.

Worth thing that could happen that Dryfus be forgotten so a faculae report in England is made about Dryfus situation.

Dryfus is ordered to say nothing.

There will be help in second case.

They arrest him to get rid of the evidence. In response in an attack on France they response by making reports on newspapers.
Write to president of France an injustice by

Acuse war office, hand writing, revolutionary truth to gain the truth. Ask for light of the truth.

Scandal for filled with forgery, us president, prime Minister of England & German Tsar.

Military procedure was badly done. Make a fair trial for Dryfuss. If Dryfuss is innocent then the army is guilty and the army is in trouble.
½ September 16, 2015
a reel smooth operator
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