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½ November 4, 2008
Very informative and relevant. Although, it has too many cathartic tricks that diminish the film as a whole.
August 3, 2008
Very impactful and raises your awareness of the state of Malawi and the world. The film was very nicely put together and the message was clear.
August 2, 2008
Wonderful film that takes a look at life in Malawi. If you aren't completely inspired to go out and try to help the world after seeing this documentary then you are blind and deaf. After seeing this film, I have a whole new respect for Madonna and her compassion and what she is trying to do in the world. Nathan Rissman's debut directorial effort is absolutely stunning. I can't wait for more from him. A must-see film!!!!
August 2, 2008
Technically well-done doc on AIDs in Malawi. I thought Madonna would be all over it - she wasn't. I thought it would be liberal propaganda - it wasn't. She and people like her, such as Michael Moore, have lots of things real close - but they are still missing the power to change comes from God. As such, it made me a little sad besides the hope it gives.
June 14, 2008
this looks like a interesting film, will add review when i ve seen it
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