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February 9, 2019
Technically a documentary, but this felt more like a historical film somewhat told very poetically. No nitpicks here, Samuel L. Jackson was terrific as the narrator in this.
½ January 30, 2019
Un documentario ben fatto che racconta in modo molto moderno la visione di tre grandi personaggi storici nella lotta contro il razzismo. L'uso coraggioso di ogni genere musicale incrementa l'innovazione stilistica del film in generale, anche se l'argomento viene considerato mantenendo sempre un punto di vista ben preciso, analizzando poco la visione da altre prospettive.
January 24, 2019
This documentary tells the true story of america and heads up white people we are the villain. The history that this film contrasts with the present is very evocative, hard hitting, and exactly we have history books. James Baldwin's words have always been a breathe of fresh air so I would recommend you watch this movie, listen to his words and his experience and take a deep breathe of fresh air.
November 13, 2018
One the best most well conceived docs of the past decade.
November 9, 2018
Powerful, compelling, and painful. Who are we as a country and why do we think and act the way we do toward each other?
June 18, 2018
April 23, 2018
This movie was extremely powerful. Between the sleek, stylistic filming; well-purposed melange of historic photographs and footage with more modern clips; tone setting music; and a haunting narration by Samuel Jackson, the film delivers a powerful message while staying true to and focused on the original author James Baldwin.

My only critique is that the film failed to inform on a few levels. For instance, as someone who had never heard of Medgar Evers, I had trouble understanding the gravity of his contributions and death. I felt at times one needed to be very well-educated in the source material to understand the impact of the documentary. That being said, maybe the obligation of being better informed falls on me.
March 5, 2018
Great time capsule of James Baldwin who went to Paris to heal his bruised psyche by the USA. He was a writer and argued with passion about the trouble with his co-citizens. The WASP invader still hangs on today.
March 4, 2018
Outstanding movie. Poignant and pointed. James Baldwin's narrative with the images from America's history and popular media creates a message that cannot be ignored. A must-see for anyone who resides in America. We must heed Baldwin's words, and until we do, we will continue to face the racial issues that we do not want to admit.
February 22, 2018
A searing indictment of racism in America, a problem which, it seems, has not been cured but either diluted or transfigured. James Baldwin makes a great central character, not only experiencing prejudice himself but also noting the effects it had on his close friends and fellow activists, of which he was the only one not to pay with his life. He was a great orator and made many thought-provoking statements on discrimination, delivered in an almost jittery, nervous manner. Fitting, since he may have thought of himself as being in the crosshairs like his late associates. It doesn't outstay its welcome, and while it jumps around a bit too much, it's still a fascinating watch for anyone trying to understand the racial divide in a county that was founded on multiculturalism.
½ February 12, 2018

This is hands down one of the best documentaries in the 2010s. 2016 was probably one of the best years for documentaries in a long while, and "I am Not Your Negro" certainly is part of the cream of the crop.

While I agree with the Academy's decision in selecting "The Story of O.J." as Best Documentary, "I am Not Your Negro" excels at the tying together the 1960s struggle for civil rights and the 2010s struggle to end police brutality. See clips online does not do this film justice.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: White Comfort. This motif throughout the documentary is shining a light on who truly benefits from racial divisions, the powerful who only care about profits and their own security. James Baldwin doesn't absolve whites who oppress their fellow humans, but he articulates, mostly through Samuel L. Jackson, that he does not hate white people. He is not out "for blood", but rather calls for white people to truly inspect themselves, to be honest with themselves and to recognize, first and foremost, that there is a problem.

The ending was absolutely stunning and powerful, and I think if Mr. Baldwin were alive today to see his legacy through this lens, he would be proud.

Please see this film, challenge yourself, and see that we, and we only, can end these divisions.
February 3, 2018
Rather impactful... and tragic to see how it seems little has changed in the US.
January 28, 2018
samuel jackson - THE WORLDS WORST ACTOR
½ December 17, 2017
great essay from a great man, great piece of history still in shaping.
November 25, 2017
Superb film. Makes amazing points on race.
November 16, 2017
Regardless of where you stand on the issue of race in the United States, something we can all agree on is there is something wrong here. The first thing I would tell you is to watch this movie, then watch it again, and without denying your place in the issue just listen to what it states. Those of you that know me can confirm I am not racist. Please watch this with an open mind to understand that you may have never seen or heard anything that remotely qualifies as the true about racism in our country. Although there is only one race on Earth, we have been told to believe that more than one exists. This movie answers the question of why. Please share to educate the ignorant because we can only move forward when we know where we have been.
½ October 29, 2017
October 29, 2017
Absolutely brilliant
October 25, 2017
Black history IS American history. This documentary is an important message that 'how far we've come' is nearly far enough and I urge everyone to watch this. The inclusion of the topic of minorities in Hollywood films is a perspective I had never considered before and is an important reminder that racism runs deep.
October 14, 2017
Very good film archive footage I had never seen before bolstered by Baldwin's eloquent writings and speeches. An encumbered intellectual documentary at times, but definitely worth watching.
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