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October 24, 2015
This is what happens when you make the poster before the script.
March 28, 2013
Slow, boring, and plotless. The story is bland, the characters are ridiculous, and the pacing was bad. Bad enough to be laughable, but not enough to be enjoyable.
½ May 1, 2011
The film starts with a bikini-clad White woman (apparently dancing with voodoo music playing in the jungle). Soon she is on all fours (lookin' like she's ready for some doggy-style) in front of the Black crowd and then the priest beheads her. Then we are at a hotel pool with a trash-novelist surrounded by a bunch of hotties while he recites sex-scenes from his books. One of the girl's husbands' arrives ready to fight; as the novelist escapes he laughs as the husband beats his too-hot-for-him wife. The novelist travels with his agent to "Voodoo Island" in order to inspire his next tome. (Of course, their plane crashes on the island.) After strangely being attacked by some blood-lusting humans in the jungle, they discover the island is home to a scientist (who has a hot daughter who likes to skinny-dip) doing unsuccessful cancer research (resulting in zombification). While many of the jungle-natives have become zombies, others are performing voodoo and looking for White women to sacrifice (maybe these were early Zebra Killings or like those who followed Yahweh Ben Yahweh). Whatever the case, the all try to get off the island alive.The scientist nukes the island. Not released 'till 1971, even for 1964 it seemed a bit dated because the zombies in this were human-vegetable-type found in White Zombie and the like (the better cannibal-type hadn't been invented for a couple years yet).
October 9, 2010
dont fool with voodoo
February 25, 2007
I Eat Your Skin (aka "Zombies" and "Zombie Bloodbath")
Starring: William Joyce, Dan Stapleton, and Heather Hewitt
Director: Del Tenney

Playboy novelist Tom Harris (Joyce) travels with his agent (Stapleton) to remote Voodoo Island to gather research and inspiration for his next adventure novel. Here, he finds a beautiful girl (Hewitt) who only he can save from the groping hands of oatmeal-faced, bug-eyed zombies.

"I Eat Your Skin" is a badly written film with a plot that's only unpredictable element is "can this get any worse?" (the answer is usually 'yes'), populated by ill-conceived characters that barely rate as figures, and performed by third-rate actors. (Our hero might have been less annoying if he had been played by a better actor, but I doubt it. He is at his worst when he decides that [i]he[/i] has to land the plane they're in, because obviously he's better than the professional pilot at the controls. Which begs the question why the pilot was even hired in the first place. The annoying arrogance hangs about Tom like the stench of that cologne I'm sure he wears way too much of.)

While there are several moments of unintended hilarity, they are too spread out to make this film an enjoyable experience, even with the wittiest of commentators for a Bad Movie Night. Oh... and there's no skin eating, other than what you might do to yourself to cure your boredom while watching this movie.

Perhaps if edited down to about an hour (instead of its current running time of 84 minutes), it might be watchable. As it is, it's a fillm that's not worth the effort it'll take to put it in the DVD player.
½ February 11, 2007
2.5/10. What a bad bad movie. It's not like I was expecting Citizen Kane or anything. The acting is poor but better than most of these older "B" horror movies. With writing as bad as this, it wouldn't matter how good the acting is.
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