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½ January 24, 2015
Not a bad "romcom", especially for an Australian film. Helliar's script is OK, with it being more of a buddy film (between Cowell & Dinklage, & some of Helliar) than a straight up 'win-her-back' plot. Strahovski is good too, but I'm not sure why Gale is even needed... Pretty pleasing ending - aside from Dinklafge - with a great soundtrack: You Am I, Flaming Lips, Nick Cave...
January 22, 2013
Not 'surprisingly funny', but 'funny, surprisingly'.
December 31, 2012
Not a bad movie, but just not great and a touch predictable too. The performances are relatively good - especially Peter Dinklage as Charlie.

Pete Hilliar was not featured as much as I had expected, which was probably a good thing as, whilst he's usually very funny, he isn't a strong actor.

This movie is probably worth a bit if your time, but it shouldn't be your first option.
½ December 19, 2012
I thought this movie was sweet and funny, to the point that I've seen it twice. When I came on here and saw its terrible rating I was surprised, because I thought it was lovely. Watch it if you dare!
October 16, 2012
Peter Dinklage made this worth watching.
August 3, 2012
It's got some good moments, but it's basically a bunch of cliches barely held together by Peter Helliar's writing, which is about as appealing as anything else he does (i.e. not very). Dinklage is fantastic, Cowell and Strahovski are as great as ever (though their characters don't really convince as a couple, primarily due to the writing) and Megan Gale pleasantly surprised me. But the movie just isn't funny enough to make up for its hackneyed, obvious, totally uninsightful plot.
May 13, 2012
It was painful to watch the way the childish mates live their lives... I was glad when they decided to finally grow up, find their strength to face themselves and love bravely. I loved the side plot of the dwarf and the supermodel.
May 13, 2012
a pleasant aussie romcom, with its share of moments beyond the boys-who-never-grow-up stereotypes.
May 10, 2012
This is in no way an amazing film. In fact, it's plot is fundamentally flawed as we are supposed to believe that Alice (Strahovski) should get back together with Jim (Cowell). As if she is a trophy to be won and be damned with the sensible option. Instead of fixing his life, as Alice was probably hoping he would, Jim makes a grand gesture that makes everything perfect again. Perfect for Jim anyway. Regardless, Dinklage and Gale really made this film.
½ April 27, 2012
Australia doesn't produce many rom/coms and while I Love You Too is just another romantic comedy on a wider spectrum, it is a refreshing little delight on a local level. The story is cute. The performances are great (Peter Dinklage is fantastic) and the gags hit the spot. I really really enjoyed this movie and think its the best of its kind since The Big Steal (which also featured Steve Bisley). Peter Hellier has written a smart little movie with a lot of heart. The little revelations throughout are really nice and the movie is well worth watching. The miniature railway setting is a nice touch too.... (Eltham Mini Railway... LOVE IT).
½ April 5, 2012
Pretty average Australian romantic comedy.
½ March 8, 2012
Humorous, Charming, and if you've been a Yvonne Strahovski's big fan on TV serial's "Chuck" ,you will be surprised that she is not 'Sarah' as you knew.
½ January 13, 2012
really slow but if your into that love romantic thing with a sad and also happy ending then it's your movie. I was expecting a bit more comedy because really, there is hardly any but it was a good watch anyhow.
½ January 7, 2012
Not a bad attempt by Peter Helliar at an Aussie rom-com, but pretty cliched, Yvonne Strahovski's English accent really bugged me, and the best thing about it is (as always) Peter Dinklage. Love Brendan Cowell though.
January 6, 2012
Not a bad movie. Likable.
½ November 2, 2011
Because i saw Yvonne Strahovski in Chuck and loved her in it, i wanted to see this. The film is tough to get into to begin, but a little later you start getting hooked. I'll give you one reason, its not just the script or the list of actors in this. But the reason i really enjoyed this film after the end was because of Peter Dinklage a fantastic dwarfism actor for this brilliant actor this is his best film. Forget Will Smith in Hitch or i don't know Sean William Scott in American Pie, you want to talk to someone who honestly will help you to respect a woman for who they are Peter Dinklage's character Charlie is fantastic in this film. His whole plot is filled with humor and a bittersweet ending that might have the ladies crying at the end. But i recommend this for all couples. A must definite romantic comedy
Super Reviewer
August 15, 2011
The plot is nothing new. Show me a guy who doesn't suffer from commitment issues
½ August 14, 2011
Comedian Peter Helliar's story of this Aussie romantic-comedy film makes quite refreshing and great funny.
The cast is uniformly good. Brendan Cowell and Helliar seem to be playing brash versions of themselves, but import Peter Dinklage is fabulous as grieving Charlie. Megan Gale is also fine in the role of Italian supermodel Francesca Moretti. This may not be too much of a stretch for the model-turned-thespian, but her scenes with Dinklage inject heart which is lacking from much of the rest of the film. The statuesque model meeting with her diminutive admirer is genuinely touching, and their final moments together are beautifully judged.
Even though he doesn't seem to realise it, adding to the rich tapestry of Jim's life are those close to him, such as his boss (Steve Bisley) and put-upon sister and landlord, Marie (Bridie Carter).
The film has a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments and, despite a few misgivings you may have for Jim and company, you can't help but cheer for everyone involved by the end credits. While steeped in rom-com clichà (C), the finale is as poignant as they come.
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