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December 11, 2016
I Love Your Work, deuxième film d'Adam Goldberg, se veut étrange, fascinant et original. Il parvient quasiment à ses fins. Etrange, original et parfois fascinant, cette histoire de starification, de stalker et d'un type qui devient totalement fou joué par un excellent Giovanni Ribisi n'est pourtant pas vraiment un bon film. Adam Goldberg ne se refuse rien, aucune digression mais n'est pas Full Frontal qui veut. On se retrouve souvent devant un assemblage de scènes qui n'ont pas grand chose à raconter et qui font partie d'un ensemble chaotique tournant trop vite à vide. C'est dommage car Vince Vaughn, Christina Ricci ou encore Frank Potente y livrent des performances remarquables.
November 17, 2016
director goldberg manages 2 avoid 'the sophmore curse' with this look at modern celebrity, and all it's ups n downs.
July 3, 2013
I just love Adam Goldberg.
½ April 20, 2012
The mostly lazy of screenwriting. Young actor is bothered by his fame and people recognizing him until it serves his own ends and then wields it like a weapon. YAWN.. It's like any hack movie that set in California, with characters who are actors or writers.. yes write about what you know.. so learn something and show it don't trot out the same old wank about how hard life is when you are famous.

The cast, with some fine actors, drown in a sea of nothingness and can only have appeared because of the director. Uninteresting shot and low on budget and just about every other score.
March 31, 2012
October 16, 2010
Never really engaged my interest; it was a trial to get through, and in the end, I didn't really like anything about it.
August 22, 2010
I finally caught I Love Your Work this past week and I have to say that Giovanni Ribisi really amazes me as an actor! He really really nailed the whole paranoid-rich-actor-wanting-a-simpler-life bit. And it worked! I completely sympathized for him. This little flick made me NOT want to be famous. The rest of the cast was all top notch too, including Jason Lee, one of my all-time favorites. He plays a creepy little character who apparently harasses actors until they get mad and knock them out in full view of a cop. Joshua Jackson plays a video store clerk who wants to make movies and eventually helps Gray Evans (Ribisi) finally crack. Christina Ricci plays the gal who Gray wishes he could be with and live the life that she and her boyfriend John (Jackson) actually have. They are sweet and romantic and very much in love, even though they don't have the rich life. It doesn't help that Evans thinks his wife Mia Lang (played by Franka Potente) is having an affair with none other than Elvis Costello! This cat has got a whole lot going on in his life, going to premiers, filming a movie, and always partying. Like I said, finally, he cracks and boy does he do it well. I've always loved watching Giovanni peform, whether it was in Gone In 60 Seconds, Lost In Translation, "My Name Is Earl" or another amazing performance in The Gift. This was the first and only directorial effort so far by Adam Goldberg, who also co-wrote, produced and edited. A classic auteur in the truest sense. I unfortunately gave this flick three stars just because I believe the story was a bit weak and the ending wasn't the clearest. But it was still a very good movie that was very moving and powerful. And if you want to see a great actor performing a great role, try checking this one out!
August 1, 2010
Extremely interesting!
July 24, 2010
I think I saw this...?
April 25, 2010
anyone seen my heating pad?///
½ April 6, 2010
What a strange, messed up little film. The driving reason why I liked it was for Giovanni Ribisi's performance. I always love seeing him in movies and in this one, he really pulled off a fine performance. Sure, there were plenty of other actors in this film as well, but they all sort of seemed to fade in comparison and it honestly felt like Giovanni was the one carrying this movie. Not to take away from Franka Potente, because I love her - in this included. But, for me, this movie was all about Ribisi. He sort of descent into insanity was very believable and very well acted. I tend to enjoy movies that sort of mess with your mind and this one certainly did that.
February 12, 2010
Not an accurate rating because my tvs fading and the volume os difficult to hear, and this is one of those films where you need to hear every sentense being played.I need to watch it again, though it didnt seem that intriguing...but its a WTF?! kind of movie
December 12, 2009
Super Reviewer
October 22, 2009
I dont know what to think of this flick
½ October 8, 2009
A very good psychological drama. Gray's distress in the world he lives in is touching. Some scenes were very well put together. Great actor performances, except for the wife (Potente). The best was Yehud.
October 5, 2009
as kind of pretentious art films go, this one's not unbearable. it's got more than a few nice touches. recommendable? just barely, because of what it does with the stalker scenario. can't promise i won't lower its rating at a later date.
September 26, 2009
had no idea what was going on. way to artsy for me.
½ August 29, 2009
In spite of a cast full of young, compelling actors and a battery of clever cinematic tricks, "I Love Your Work" came out as a preposterous, confused mess. Full of squandered potential, this film is perfectly performed and shot, but based on a script that's got far more ambition than intelligence.
July 11, 2009
nice technique by adam goldberg, but the plot is very exhausting... though the ambivalent message (reality-film, past-present, mask-honesty) is installed very well.
April 20, 2009
I liked it but at times I was confused. I feel like I could appreciate it much more if I understood it completely.
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