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July 9, 2011
Pleasant trifle enacted by super professionals but a trifle nonetheless.
½ October 11, 2010
Pretty standard stuff, but Melvyn Douglas is really good. I'm glad Colbert ended up with him, and not Robert Young, a.k.a., the most non-descript actor to have stalked the halls of Hollywood during that period. It's all quite predicable, but fairly charming. The two "friends" are extremely nasty to one another though... that aint cool.
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September 15, 2010
A different kind of romantic comedy, but mediocre nonetheless. There is a good cast, and many funny scenes, but the ending is strange.
½ July 3, 2010
2.5: Horse feathers instead of bull shit. Pretty funny. Colbert certainly is not one of my favorite actresses, but she does have screen presense. I must say that I much prefer her films of substance such as Imitation of Life or Maid of Salem. This is a bit too much fluff carried off with not quite enough comedy, beauty, or charm to really be of lasting interest. I wouldn't call Colbert beautiful, but she has an interesting face, personality, and style that work well in this type of role. There are some inspired scenes, such as the sleigh ride in Switzerland in which the animal skin blanket doubles as a bed sheet and the sleigh as a bed. Colbert even claims she's "weak with ecstasy" and asks for a match to light her cigarette. The sexual undertones are unmistakable. These are the kind of tongue-in-cheek scenes that only the production code could have enabled. I really can't think of another film that portrays such a wide variety of winter sports. Even better, they're all fully integrated into the plot. The horse-skiing looks awesome as well. The bob sledding scene was thrilling up until the point where Colbert's character becomes hysterical and acts like an idiotic and helpless, and I suppose stereotypical, woman. The ending is of course just as we expect in the end, which is comforting in a way only Hollywood genre work done well can be.
July 2, 2010
Enjoyable classic, with a rather typical and ordinary plot from the 1930?s and early 1940?s. But stars Claudette Colbert, Robert Young and Melvyn Douglas make it all worthwhile. Light and entertaining, fine score and cinematography.
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