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½ February 25, 2014
On a day that I was bored I stumbled across a copy of I Really Hate My Job and decided to see it on the basis of the fact that Neve Campbell starred in it.

With I Really Hate My Job, I found myself doing nothing but sit there while a lot of women onscreen did nothing but complain. I mean I don't want to sound intolerant or judgemental, but I found that Shirley Henderson's voice was rather annoying. I was able to get over that after a while, but I didn't necessarily enjoy hearing her complaining of all people.
It seems as if I Really Hate My Job is a lot more of an experimental film than an actual finished project. It's obviously done on a very low budget and is set in a very basic setting, so the importance comes from Jennifer Higgle's script and Oliver Parker's direction. Neither actually do anything for the film, because I Really Hate My Job isn't insightful or intelligent or funny or entertaining. Its just boring as hell. There's a reason that the only reason you've ever heard of it as being the film where Neve Campbell makes an appearance topless, and frankly that was the only reason I kept watching the film. I was just waiting for her breasts to make an appearance, and it was a long wait. It was almost equal to the awful 60 minute wait I got stuck in on my 17th birthday at Wet 'n Wild waterworld as I waited for a sub-par water slide.
The script isn't funny which is a problem since the film is a comedy, and Oliver Parker's direction is streets behind what he would later achieve directing the hilarious British comedy Johnny English Reborn. So its clear that this project hasn't given him anything to work with. I mean there is one line in the film that is memorable for its ridiculous senseless stupidity. Its when Neve Campbell says that "Drinking Coke is like getting your period, it just happens." In actuality, no, it is not like getting your period and it does not just happen. Even Neve Campbell would have to have known that when she said the line, and so its more appropriate to believe that it was written to be a joke. But its not funny, so why Jennifer Higgle even tried is ambiguous because its clear she has the same sense of humour that a stoned upper-class British teenager has. And for those who don't know, that's not a good sense of humour.
And half the time, the style of the film doesn't make sense. The cinematography is hit and miss because at times it shoots things from the right angles and distances and is edited timely whereas the other half of the time there is nothing good that comes from it. That's Oliver Parker's true flaw in I Really Hate My Job.
By the time that Neve Campbell made her nude appearance I can honestly say it was not in the slightest worth the wait. It was senseless and wasn't necessary for the scene, no matter how sexually appealing she was. Even though it's ridiculously out of place, it is the only thing that I Really Hate My Job has to boast about. But anyone with internet access can get that off Dailymotion. Her performance was good and she was sexy, but that is all there is to it.

So there you go. I Really Hate My Job can be summarised by reading the title but replacing the words "My Job" with "This Film", and if you're watching it to spot Neve Campbell's nude appearance, that's what the internet is for, but not what this abysmal film is for.
December 13, 2013
Somewhat pretentious movie and the characters except the German girl irritating.
½ September 4, 2012
Glad I got this free, watched 30 minutes of it, boring. Glad I didn't just buy it for $10.
June 6, 2012
i dont what it is about this movie that i like, but i do, i like this movie
January 3, 2012
Alright, awful doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this movie. I gave it a fair shot with 40 minutes and I am bored out of my mind. I tried to keep my fingers crossed but Neve Campbell is just going downhill!
April 9, 2011
Not my usual kind of movie, but I liked it. A surprising scene from Neve Campbell too!
April 4, 2011
neve campbell nude. thats about it.
December 5, 2010
Weird thing: didn't like it so much, but couldn't leave until the end.
November 29, 2010
Neve was the only reason i watched it, and i didn't mind it. I like movies with sharp and witty tongues
½ November 18, 2010
I really Hate this Movie. It was garbage. It was at times difficult and frustrating to sit through. It is the story of five women who work in a restaurant which opened during the afternoons and the evenings. It's about their life, their passions and their interests aside from their mundane job. Abby is the most annoying character in the movie. She complains about everything in her life. Her high credit card interest rate. That she spent three years studying acting but her only call back is to act in a soft-core porn movie. The head cook Alice is delusional as she tries to have her novel published and it is rejected because it is too French when she is living in England and knows nothing about French culture. And the boss Madonna's real name is actually Jane. A lot of people have no sense of reality, have delusional expectations about where their lives are headed and these characters fit the profile to a "T."
Super Reviewer
September 18, 2010
Falls seriously flat. I have seen this idea done to much better effect in "In the Weeds". Disgruntled group of waitresses with other dreams spend day at work in restaurant. Could have been so much better. Shirley Henderson is just annoying with that voice, Oana Pellea not very likeable, and Neve Campbell with seriously unflattering short haircut as a failed actress, (perhaps the scene with her getting her boobs out might appeal to some people enough to sit through this mess, but not me). The customers barely exist in this, which might have made for some laughs in this movie, which it seriously needed. Sound was also poor, there was times I could not hear what the actresses were saying. Disappointing mess. Can't believe I stuck it out through the whole thing.
September 2, 2010
It was a quaint movie that was a nice casual watch. The characters were interesting and entertaining. It just wasn't anything to stick in your memory. Just a good little quaint film to enjoy on a relaxed weekday evening.
½ February 25, 2010
Alexandra Maria Lara was charming, but it was not enough to save this tragically sloppy film. It was absolutely torpedoed by the retched and predictable performance of Neve Campbell. Yes, she plays the same kvetching, angst filled character as she did in the Scream movies, Wild Things, Drowning Mona and pretty much every other role she's taken. Type cast or just a one dimensional actor? Either way, it sucked the life out of what could have been at least a quaint movie.
January 1, 2010
Too artsy for me. I usually liek D&M movies, but this one was a strange one.
½ December 31, 2009
a chick flick about a night in a restaurant. It's entertaining enough to keep you from turning it off but doesn't go anywhere, just keeps on plodding on.
December 30, 2009
This is why stories about every day people with every day lives don't work. The actresses were good, I could relate with their characters but this really isn't the type of story you go to the movies to see.
½ December 26, 2009
I actually really enjoyed the clever dialogue in this movie. It's definitely more of a "chick flick". i liked the characters, how they developed and interacted...especially the relationship and dialogue between Rita and Alice in the kitchen. I absolutely hated the ending... hence only 3 1/2 stars. goofy silly moronic ending to a good film.
½ December 15, 2009
In the tradition of most indie comedies, this has all the necessary dark and light and smart elements, and excellent character development, though the unbalanced focus on some characters seems contrived. There is a little bit of absurdity blended in, but rather than a distraction, it helps with the overall endeavor, and I think, brings something new to the genre.
December 13, 2009
What a surprise. This film is much better than it' straight-to-dvd fate may suggest. The ensemble have oodles of chemistry and the charming, quirky script is a complete pleasure.
November 29, 2009
i really like this movie. i guess i know how they feel its a girl flick,guys wouldn't get it. i know its just a movie but just makes me feel like my job isn't really that bad. would recommend it to you that really hate their jobs.
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