Ice Age Reviews

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February 8, 2003
Despite its flaws, Ice Age is fun and mercifully short, providing your youngsters enough time to finish their popcorn, but not enough to start fidgeting.
February 4, 2003
January 29, 2003
Aiming for cheap laughs and situational humor that doesn't appeal to the emotional side of its adult audience.
January 13, 2003
A thoroughly mediocre entry in the world of computer animation that does nothing to push the envelope technologically or creatively.
January 7, 2003
Chris Wedge is wonderfully talented and the film looks terrific, but... it just isn't very interesting.
December 25, 2002
The film has too many spots where it's on slippery footing, but is acceptable entertainment for the entire family and one that's especially fit for the kiddies.
December 22, 2002
From what I've seen so far this year, Ice Age has got to be the leading contender for best animated film at this year's Oscars.
December 18, 2002
These people wouldn't know subtle characterization if it put on a giant furry monster costume and then gave them a lapdance.
December 16, 2002
A very pleasant viewing experience.
November 28, 2002
Not as cute as it looks.
November 7, 2002
Computer-animated fable has newfangled look, old-fashioned laughs.
October 30, 2002
Young children will enjoy it; accompanying adults will be glad it's only 80 minutes long.
October 21, 2002
A good, solid, enjoyable animated film for all ages.
October 19, 2002
I'm not the world's biggest fan of animated films, but this one had me smiling.
October 17, 2002
A really sweet film that has none of the cynical, sex-filled junk that polluted Shrek.
October 15, 2002
Fresh, funny and richly imagined.
September 18, 2002
You want to like it simply because it obviously is trying so hard to be liked.
August 26, 2002
Far from the over-polished sheen of recent CGI features... the [animation's] basic line-structures are stylistically reminiscent of cave drawings.
August 17, 2002
I was ready, willing and able to let my heart be warmed, but there was no crescendo or mammoth emotional journey.
August 12, 2002
The inventive look of the film and a sporadic stream of funny gags keep us watching, even if the characters and plot aren't exactly ground-breaking.
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