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August 20, 2017
They just keep making too many sequels, it gets old after the first few.
August 20, 2017
Meh, is all I have to say about it

Now stop making sequels
½ August 4, 2017
Despite it's story being tiresome and having underdeveloped characters, "Ice Age: Continental Drift" has some decent animation and some likable characters that makes up for it.
½ July 28, 2017
Ice Age: Continental Drift may not be a strictly necessary sequel but it still boasts enough of what hardcore fans of Fox's cash grab franchise have come to expect. Its story may not be terribly original and some of the humour in the main plot kinda sucks. Hell, the only reason Nicki Minaj and Drake are in it are so that they can lure tweens and young teens into seeing the movie. They don't even have a lot of lines. Yet Fox decides to put them in the "Starring" category in the posters and marketing over Peter Dinklage, Nick Frost and Aziz Ansari. The redeeming qualities are, as usual, the bright visually appealing animation and the humorous Looney Tunes-type Scrat subplot. I'm telling you, that sabre-toothed squirrel is the one thing keeping audiences who don't care about the actual plot sane throughout. That and the Simpsons short film that preceded the movie. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out the only reason this animated movie made more money than Madagascar 3, which I very much enjoyed, was because of a short film whch everyone considered better than the actual film. It still had a few entertaining sequences and Dinklage's little pirate shanty was a bit decent but with this movie, the quality of the franch-ice (ah, damn it, I did it again) slowly begins declining. Still better than Collision Course, that was when people truly had enough.
½ July 26, 2017
That's the sequel of the franchise, that altough it was entertaining enough, starts to show sines of uncreativity.
June 28, 2017
It was funny, adventurous, and the story twist of the continental drift story was amazing. It was better than its three predecessors.
½ May 26, 2017
OK, I enjoyed the first and third Ice Ages, but I did not really care for the second one, but this? Oh, my gosh, IT'S THE SECOND MOVIE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ May 24, 2017
Wow! This installment to the 'Ice Age' Franchise was a very remarkable experience for me, in which I found some really important messages being conveyed to the audience. It was silly, funny, unique & beautifully presented.
Therefore, I think this animation is an ideal choice not only for entertainment, but also to educate people about the importance of family and looking out for each other.
May 3, 2017
Ice Age 4 offers the same with some nice animation, but a story and characters that have been done in other films (Heck,mostly from their own!)
The Burning Medallion of badness has been given.
April 22, 2017
4/16/2017 (2): Ok at best. Scrat provided the only laughs in the flick.
April 9, 2017
There where funny moments but not as good as I hoped and thought
February 23, 2017
I doubt this boring film
February 9, 2017
Oh yeah this Franchise is still a Thing
and THIS TIME with Pirates, more Characters, annoying ones btw, unfunny jokes and it's Boring as crap....
January 9, 2017
Probably the best Ice Age movie. It's such a shame the next one was so bad.
January 2, 2017
Horrible. So many things wrong with the 'facts' presented.
December 27, 2016
It's worst then the video game
Super Reviewer
December 5, 2016
This unnecessary fourquel was obviously conceived to make (more) money only, with an uninspired story that is dull, unfunny and full of the lamest clichés about the "value of family" - and Scrat is the only thing that still works, even if in homeopathic doses.
November 27, 2016
The best of the sequels.
½ November 24, 2016
The fourth Ice Age movie is already trying to get too far.
A little embarrassing, but funny movie failed to surprise positively.
Vengeful and nautical-themed film is at least better than the fifth part.
November 16, 2016
Stale plotting and tired gags make Ice Age 4 drift away and never return.
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