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June 29, 2012
This unnecessary fourquel was obviously conceived only to make (more) money, with an uninspired story that is dull, unfunny and full of the lamest clichés about the "value of family" - and Scrat is the only thing that still works, even if in homeopathic doses.
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½ March 15, 2013
Sure, the creator's are struggling more and more with adding even more supposedly quirky characters, when the first film worked so great with just four. The attempts to copy current youth culture are also quite annoying. But you know what? Some of the jokes and ideas are still really funny and the film jumps from action sequence to action sequence in really brilliantly looking animation, you just can't dislike it.
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½ April 27, 2012
Well, this was cute, but not anywhere near as good as the first two. It had some really funny chuckle moments, but they were far and few between. Enough now. I will not be so anxious to watch another if they continue...
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January 11, 2013
Funny, cute, but very forgettable.
Plus, I literally lost count if this is the 4th Ice Age or 5th. How many are there? Are they gonna continue to kill a dying franchise?
Regardless, I had a good time, not great. Animation's superb though.
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July 11, 2012
Like all overused concepts this fourth installment doesnt by any means live up to the success of the first one however certainly isnt as rubbish as the third! Entertaining to a point and funny in places me personally they should make a prequel purely focusing on sid and his nan! But maybe they should now stop making movies!
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November 3, 2012
And the animated family films just keep on coming. Now we join the herd which is ridiculously huge by this point, just as the continents split and families are torn apart. I enjoyed this plot device as it separated our awesome trio from their annoying baggage. However, they soon come across a bunch of animal pirates. Quite where this overuse of anthropomorphism came from is anyone's guess. Probably just lazy screenwriting. They'll probably be driving cars in the next installment. Despite my anger at turning the first sweet film about friendship and male bonding, into adventures with dinosaurs and pirates, at least this outing had the decency to be very funny at times, and it gives us the chemistry between Sid, Diego, and Manny that was missing from parts 2 and 3. The added characters are OK, and it's quite the enjoyable ride for the most part. Lord knows what will happen in the future. Probably genetically spliced animals/humans or something.
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May 2, 2011
Good as always.
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½ August 13, 2012
Easily worse movie of the year. Not only is the story poorly written the humor constantly falls flat. It also recycles themes from the first 3 without so much as blinking.

I almost feel sorry for the art/animation team that had the displeasure of working on this piece of shit. Eesh.
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½ July 22, 2012
The final installment? well maybe that would be best as this fourth film is somewhat lean on ideas and humour I'm afraid.

The plot is getting a bit thin on the ground now, how can these guys have all this bad luck haha. The land on Earth is splitting up which by a series of unfortunate events separates the herd. Classic characters 'Manny' 'Sid' and 'Diego' are lost at sea, their mission (which they have no choice but to accept) is to get back to terra firma and find 'Ellie' and 'Peaches' (plus everyone else).

Following on from the previous films the herd now consists of the usual members but now includes the young teen 'Peaches'. As expected the story does revolve around this new character slightly but not entirely thankfully. As also expected this character is pretty annoying and uninteresting as a teen. Unfortunately we also have to put up with other lame teen characters who all speak like either hip hop artists or spoilt princesses in that typical American youth way. Absolutely hate when characters are realised this way as I'm sure other non American's do too.

On a little side note, why are all young characters in CGI films voiced by teen pop stars?. I realise they may be popular with the kiddies but surely there are better young actors that can used? young actors that can actually voice act properly that is.

'Blue Sky' also deemed it fit to include another terrible character this time in the form of 'Sid's' granny. Yep it really has come down to this, we now gotta put up with ancient relatives. Might be me but I didn't find this inclusion remotely amusing or interesting or useful even, what was the point? A poor stereotype and completely unfunny.

Of course its predictable but the plot just feels like the same stuff yet again. The inclusion of the pirate crew and their iceberg 'ship' is the only reasonable new offering that is worth some praise. A raggamuffin bunch of scurvy lily-livered misfits that look shabby and seedy much like the characters from 'Rango'. Their captain is the large ape 'Captain Gutt' which again does seem to be another rip from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise (much like 'Buck' from the last film).

To me he comes across as a 'Captain Barbossa' copy to be honest, the deep voiced well spoken cad who doesn't really care about his own men. Not much humour given from this guy either, he's fun to watch but much more eerie looking for the kids if you ask me, a touch intimidating maybe?. Generally speaking this film does basically take a page out of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' book, no real originality or creativity from 'Blue Sky'.

Lastly poor old 'Scrat' has finally run out of steam and ideas it seems here. The subplot is rather uneventful for him this time, I didn't really like how he is the cause of the continental breakup and I really didn't like the 'Atlantis' idea for him right at the end. The concepts for him are getting too far fetched really, it should be simpler, but hey this is just my opinion.

I think this film goes back towards being a full on kids film again, just like the second. I really can't see how adults will enjoy it much with the inclusion of yet more small furry mammals, more love interests, teenage mammals and all the regular cliched visual gags that have been used before.
I don't wanna be hard on the film as its a great little franchise that has always looked good including this one but this really feels like a rehash with more average characters stuck in to try and garner more kiddie support. The female version of 'Diego' is another obvious lure, another way to try and stretch out the franchise for more possible sequels, maybe they will have kids too *groan*.

There isn't really too much outstanding happening here that's the problem, nothing I can look and say wow! about. The pirate crew maybe complete rips from else where but they are easily the best thing going despite not actually being that entertaining. The heroes are tired and nowhere near as fun, even good old 'Sid' has very little to say or do this time round.

Personally I think this has gone as far as it can go now. Most prehistoric creatures have been utilized and we've seen the ice age, the great thaw, the dinosaur age and now the continental breakup. Where or what else is there to do before these guys should really be dying out?.
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March 23, 2012
Here we go again, the fourth installment of Ice Age series which is started in 2002.. This time 20th Century Fox trying to break it apart after trying to melting it and filled it with dinosaurs before, which is IMHO still nonsense but that's okay since the point of this movie is just making people laugh.. Compared to the previous three Ice Age movies, I must say that this fourth installment was quite funny but not as hilarious as the second movie which is still my favorite Ice Age series movie.. The character that being introduced in this movie is too much and I think they're a little overwhelmed to handle them all as the main characters are still Manny, Sid, and Diego.. For the development of the story, even nothing special in it but I must say I'm quite satisfied with the story and I had a good laugh too.. Just wondering if they're gonna make the fifth installment..
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July 14, 2012
Talk about a series that needs to just die. Ice Age: Continental Drift is the fourth installment in the Ice Age series. If you ask me, the series needed to just stop after the second movie. The first one was funny and entertaining for both adults and kids, the second switched to targeting only kids and it just wasn't as good as the first. The third one came along and the producers pretty much began beating a dead horse. In this Ice Age the continents are drifting apart and the characters have to get back to their families, however they get captured by a bunch of pirates consisting of a bunch of generic animals. To start, the characters annoyed me more than they did in the previous movies. The sloth character just screws everything up in whatever scene he's in and it just gets really repetetive and worn out. If the mammoth and the tiger were smart they would've just killed and eaten him in the 2nd movie. The mammoth annoys me as well. Not because of his personality, (as if he has one) but because of the voice actor, Ray Romano. He has such a monotone voice that'll be enough to just put you to sleep. The mammoth and his wife have a daughter too and she's involved in a subplot of wanting to impress the cool mammoth clique. Watching it made me feel like I was watching Secret Life of the American Teenager: Just a bunch of boring, teenage drama that nobody gives a shit about. It wasn't until halfway through the movie that I realized that I'm not the demographic this movie is targeting. It's suppose to be aimed towards little kids. When I was sitting in the theater, I started to look around and the kids were clearly entertained, but their parents looked bored out of their minds. I have a feeling at least a few of those kids are going to be grounded for making their parents take them to see it. The only thing that prevented me from giving this only half a star was the little squirrel thing trying to get the acorn. I actually enjoyed watching those scenes, but that doesn't take away how much the rest of the movie sucked. I would've rather they made this movie with a sense of humor both kids and adults can enjoy, like the Toy Story trilogy or the Shrek series. (The first two) Ice Age: Continental Drift has jokes only a child would find hilarious, the characters got on my nerves, the voice acting seemed downplayed, the jokes were lazy and the movie even tries to throw in the whole "family is everything" morale which is just a tired cliche. I can only hope it's the last Ice Age movie.
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½ July 14, 2012
I enjoyed the first and second Ice Age films, I was disappointed about the third one, but this one is truly the worst of them all. From unfunny jokes to boring new characters. Though it does have some funny moments and a funny character that is Sid's Grannie, it never has a moment where it rises above its predecessors. Its stuck in the "strictly for kids" section of animated films. Not one moment was there a clever wink to the adults, very much like the previous Ice Age films had. This movie is a straight to dvd movie that got sent to the theaters. Overall, the kids will enjoy it, but its a pretty soulless hour and a half for the adults and teens in the theater.
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½ July 8, 2012
"Ice Age Continental Drift" is a step back from the third movie, but better than 1 and 2. Here, Scrat's pursuit on an acorn has caused the land to split apart forming the continents. In doing so, Manny, Diego, and Sid are separated from the rest of the group. They are stranded on a block of ice in the ocean, when they come across a group of Pirates led by a monkey named Captain Gutt(Jeremy Renner). Now they have to battle the group of pirates and get back home before it's too late. The new characters here are all refreshing, and the voice cast is perfect. I also liked how Peachy is a teenager. Lots of cliches, but it's still entertaining. The possums and scrat steal the movie once again, can't get enough of those three characters. The animation is good and continues to improve, and the humor once again has a great mix for adults and kids. I'm sure they will continue to make these movies, just hope they come up with a better storyline, which by the way it ended, I'm sure they will. Good family comedy, not as good as this years "Madagascar 3", but still worth a watch.
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September 25, 2010
While not learning much off the third film, this instalment in the "Ice Age" franchise has a really nice tone to it, something that was lost in the third film. As scrat, on his never ending search for his Acorn, places one on the top of a giant glacier, it creates a split down many continents around the globe. Families are forced apart once again and try to find their way back to each other. This story is beginning to get tiring, but there is a very strong sense of reason in this film and it teaches you about growing up and trusting each other. The family bonds in these films are always great. This film is very unoriginal, but I had some fun with it. "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift" is definitely worth your time, especially if you already wasted your time with "Dawn of the Dinosaurs!"
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July 5, 2012
Can this series just end now?
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July 5, 2012
Continental Drift

Ice age is melting down

I must say that I am a big fan of the Ice Age movies, and this was one of my most anticipated films of the year. Unfortunately something went missing in this film; it lost the magic it had in the past three installments, maybe it is the expulsion of Carlos Saldana, but definitely something went wrong in the production of this one. But it still manages to be a good movie, and a fun ride worth taking the kids.

This time, Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary), and Sid (John Leguizamo) embark on another adventure, once they are separated from their family after the continents begin breaking apart. They now have to find a way to get back home, and fight evil pirates.

The biggest problem I had with this movie was the story. In the past three Ice Age, each story was unique in its own style. They were different, yet encompassed similar traits, like teaching the value of family and union. However, in this movie there is nothing of that. The movie just rushes itself through, and leaves no mark or impression. Like I said, the magic fading away is noticeable.

But, the movie still manages to work. The comedy in it is still great, and the introduction of new characters makes the movie funner in some aspects. I watched the movie with a bunch of kids and they were all having a good time. So for its targeted audience Ice Age did work out. But for young adults, or adults, the movie isnt as good as the last three.

Watch it if you want. I had a good time. But, it is bad to see how Ice Age is slowly melting and losing its magic. I think its time the franchise comes to an end.

Sid: Holy crab!
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June 30, 2012
The animation may look great but Manny and the gang are getting a little tired. Full review later.
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½ September 19, 2010
Chilling out with Sid and his buddies is always a frosty treat. You'd think these sub-zero heroes would have run out of gas by now, but if there's anything that Sid the Sloth has proved, it's that as long as he's around, there'll be plenty of gas for everyone!

This fourth entry in the franchise may not offer anything fresh plot-wise, but it's just as enjoyable as its foregoers and retains the solidity of the series. So if you ever had any worries, you can relax and keep it cool now.

As revealed by the undertitle, this deals with the breaking of the world's continents, which by a sudden strike of force majeure, separates Manny the Mammoth from his wife and beloved daughter. Of course, he isn't entire alone, but also has Sid and Diego at his side, along with Sid's spirited grandmother, who is the most hilarious of the new characters.

Set adrift on high seas on the S.S. Huge Ice Block, the four of them come across pirates, sea creatures and other, less menacing animal life, including the cute and endearing Scrat, who is as crazy for nuts as ever.

Between the battles against the villains, there's also the substory focused on Manny's daughter Peaches, who has now become a teenager, with everything that involves. It's very hackneyed and predictable the way she searches for her identity, but I guess they had to the fill up the time with something.

What impresses the most here is the first-rate voice cast, which besides the original crew, treats us to inspired performances from Alan Tudyk, Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jennifer Lopez, Peter Dinklage and last but not least, Seann William Scott. Phew, that was a mouthful!

As far as the calibre of the animation goes, it's once again pretty breath-taking. Particularily in the wider and more epic shots of its beautifully crafted landscapes and large-spanning oceans. It's truly wondrous what they're able to accomplish today.

That being said, this is well worth a visit to the big screen. I can't say I was laughing out loud at any given point, but I was fully entertained and gave out a good amount of chuckles at regular intervals. And did I tell you how cool Sid's grandma is? Any moment spent around her is bound to break the ice. Okay, I'll stop it with the puns now.
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July 5, 2012
Ice Age: Continental Drift is the fourth installment in this popular series, but this film is (so far) the weakest in the series. I was a huge fan of the first Ice Age film, and the second film was just some good fun for both adults and kids. But then in the third film they lost their touch that made the series so fun, they got too childish and tried limiting the humor to just kids. This film has the same exact problem as its predecessor, except now they take a promising premise and made it as childish as possible. It's hard to review animated films, because you have to try to have the mind of a kid when watching, but what made the first two films so enjoyable was that all ages could enjoy them because the jokes were fun and smart. But this film has booger jokes, new characters that will only be appealing to toddlers and one of the most predictable stories in an animated film I have seen in recent memory. Just in the first few minutes of the film I could tell how this entire story was all going to end up and they did it all just for kids ages 1-5. I will admit that the animation is great and the best in the series, but you should still take your kids to see "Brave" or "Madagascar 3", two recent animated films that are actually good. I was ready to give this film a chance at redeeming itself after the third film, but they do exactly what that film did and made it even worse.

The story follows Manny, Diego, Sid, Ellie, Crash and Eddie, and Manny's teenaged daughter Peaches who are all living in the ice age still. This time the land has separated leaving Manny, Diego, and Sid stranded on a little glacier and trying to get home to their family. But trouble comes around when a group of pirates try to capture our heroes, and who are led by the evil Captain Gut. Diego also meets a female tiger who works with the pirates, who he develops a crush on. Peaches in the meantime tries to develop a relationship with a male mammoth named Ethan, while also trying to maintain her friendship with her molehog best friend Louis. They must all get back to their family before the end of the world happens, but it will not be as easy as they hope.

The plot took a promising new story for the series and used the exact same formula as the old films. They go on an adventure, they meet some new characters, and they all learn something in the end, and all the while a sabertooth rat named Scrat is getting into mischief over an acorn. The scenes with Scrat are funny than the actual film. I always loved the scenes with Scrat, they are so ridiculous and all the pain he goes through is downright the highlight of this series. But we have to endure yet another story with characters I used to love but now just have lost their touch. I mean this entire film is pretty much the story of "Finding Nemo." A father gets angry with his kid, they get separated, and the father has to try and find his child with the help of some goofy companions. But there is one difference, and that is the pirates, the pirates ruined this film completely for me, they weren't funny or even fun, they just seemed like some big way to add a female love interest for Diego and get Jennifer Lopez to join the cast. I used to love these characters as well when it was just Manny, Diego, and Sid. But now we have Queen Latifah who gets a few lines in the film (none of which are funny) and the teenaged mammoth who is going through predictable problems with fitting in and getting a boy mammoth to like her, and her best friend Louis who is a molehog who tries to get a few laughs but ends up being annoying. I used to love the original characters as well, but now they have completely changed their personalities from the first film and it makes me angry. I am also very tired of these films adding love interests; it seems like just a way to waste time and try to add another sequel, which they will most likely make. I wasn't a fan of the story, characters, or the jokes, but sure enough kids will love it because they enjoy their toilet humor.

The voice cast was good and they still fit the personalities of their character perfectly. Ray Ramono was great for Manny in the first film, and even though I do not like what they have turned the character into, I still think Ramono is perfect for the role. Denis Leary and John Leguizamo are still fun and provide great voices for their characters still, even if their characters are too childish for my taste now. I was never a fan of Queen Latifah in these films or her character; she just seemed like a way to waste time just like Jennifer Lopez's character in this film. I hated Keke Palmer in this movie that played Peaches, she sounded too whiny and she really showed me that the creators aren't trying to provide any fun characters anymore. Josh Peck and Seann William Scott as Crash and Eddie are the only characters I enjoy now (besides Scrat), they give some decent chuckles and that is more than I got from anyone else in this film. As for the animation in this film, it's great. They have really improved since the original film and it's one of the reasons people still enjoy the series. I love animated film that provides cool animation and fun colors, like a Pixar or DreamWorks animated film. But it could not save the film from being predictable and ruining the characters that I had come to love.

Ice Age: Continental Drift could've been the film to save the series from being another predictable and boring story like the third film, but instead they just run it into the ground again. The series could still be saved in future films if they went back to the roots of its greatness but sadly I don't think these writers will let it be possible. They have the same problem I had with Pixar's "Cars 2," they focus more on the looks than the story and characters. I think what made me not enjoy this film the most were the jokes; there was one point in the movie where I got angry because their jokes were so pathetic and lazy. But the film was saved from being a complete disaster by a savior, and the savior's name is Scrat. Like I said earlier, Scrat is a wonderful and funny character that the writers actually did one thing right with. I love seeing the pain he goes through to get the acorn and all this great and fun new animation to his wild adventures makes it even better. But sadly he could not save the film for me, as they rest of the film was a swirling vortex of predictability, lame jokes, and characters that have been destroyed by the money grubbing creators in Hollywood. If you enjoyed the Dawn of the Dinosaurs than you will probably love this new film, but I felt it has taken the series very far back than its potential and it could've been so much more if they cared more about the film than the money they will make.
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