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January 11, 2007
We may look back at this film in 500 years and realize that Mike Judge was better able to predict the future than Arthur C. Clarke did with 2001: A Space Odyssey.
January 11, 2007
Forget the fact that you've never heard of this movie. It's one of the funniest movies of 2006.
January 11, 2007
...seems more like 'Selected Scenes from 'Idiocracy'' than it does an actual film. Still, there are some genuine laughs to be had here, and Judge's vision of a future dominated entirely by morons is memorably bizarre.
January 9, 2007
[E]ven more trenchant, more damning, more -- hell, I'll say it -- revolutionary than Office Space.
January 9, 2007
The film stinks.
January 8, 2007
By refusing to distance itself from its targets, Mike Judge's brand of satire risks being mistaken for what it's satirizing.
January 5, 2007
Trust me, it's a blast!
December 30, 2006
A curiosa premissa rende algumas boas piadas, mas, depois de algum tempo, estas acabam se tornando repetitivas e a narrativa perde o ritmo.
December 30, 2006
Wilson and Rudolph don't seem very convinced that they're in a funny movie, either, so why even bother signing on?
December 25, 2006
Even if the film contains the single biggest laugh I've had this year at the movies, Idiocracy is a terribly muddled affair.
October 3, 2006
The movie is bracing for its bile but ultimately more frustrating than funny.
September 30, 2006
There's about 15 minutes' worth of laughs here; the problem is that the film is 84 minutes long.
September 23, 2006
The delivery in Idiocracy is frequently flat, but its vision is dead-on.
September 16, 2006
Idiocracy ultimately sputters out, managing to go only so far as an engine built on buffoonery without adequate brains can handle.
September 13, 2006
...each laugh is tempered with the unsettling realization that [Judge's] vision of mankind's future might not be too far off the mark.
September 8, 2006
Working on a sprawling canvas, Judge fills the screen with visual jokes, throwaway gags, and incisive commentary on the ubiquity of advertising.
September 6, 2006
Many people -- at least, a few people -- have noted the dumbing-down of America, but no one until Judge has blamed it on genetics
September 5, 2006
Seriously, no one gets rednecks, metalheads and morons quite like Judge, who manages here to revel in stupidity while effectively critiquing it.
September 5, 2006
A couple of good laughs, but mostly a big mess.
September 5, 2006
Judge has a gift for delivering brutal satire in the trappings of low comedy and for making heroes out of ordinary people whose humanity makes them suspect in a world where every inch of space, including mental, is mediated.
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