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If Lucy Fell Quotes

  • Jane Linquist: We're not reality material.
    Joe MacGaunaughill: I didn't know that.
    Jane Linquist: What's the clue... smart, sexy, good-looking guy... Why haven't you slept with a girl for the last five years?
    Joe MacGaunaughill: Because I've been saving myself.
    Jane Linquist: For who?
    Joe MacGaunaughill: I guess I don't know.

  • Al: I'm proud of you, Joe.
    Joe MacGaunaughill: Why?
    Al: Because you finally figured out the girl in your heart that isn't the girl in your dreams. Some people don't figure it out all their lives.

  • Joe MacGaunaughill: I'd be happy to blow your mind but... can we just lie down?
    Jane Linquist: In a minute.

  • Bwick Elias: Sometimes I feel things.
    Lucy Ackerman: What you feel, I treat.

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