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October 8, 2017
"Iguana" is a curious misfire, and perhaps that's the best way to appreciate the film, enjoying the minor bits of behavior it successfully articulates instead of focusing on the creative failures that eventually sink the effort.
½ March 19, 2010
Hellman is a master of space and location. Unlike Kubrick who makes the wide expanse sing, Hellman fills the screen with a documentary coldness. Pitting man against man in a hostile environment. Iguana is a landlocked high sea adventure; as such it plays with the coda of Naval procedure and hierarchies. Everett is very good at conveying the anger and lack of education of the title character. His pitiful attempt to remake a world a sad substitution for any other existence he could have, his cynical take on human relationships ultimately go unchallenged and as such the ending is a perfect image. Maru Valdivieso‚??s Carmen is stunning. Her performance subtle and brilliant as a woman intent on freeing herself from the slavery of social conventions. Ironically it is through the brutality of the Iguana does she come to understand at what cost that freedom is ultimately purchased. A very good movie.
December 12, 2009
Flawed but smart and fascinating film by Monte Hellman. It's an odd allegory about freedom and slavery: a "freak" rebels against the world and creates a slave kingdom. Some of the acting is sub-par but the film raises a lot of thoughtful questions.
May 4, 2009
Un janus au visage lezarde est maltraite par ses equipiers marins mais il parvient a s'enfuir et menera une vengeance sadique et toute personnelle sur une ile deserte. Moonfleetien, crepusculaire, metaphorique de la position qu'occupe Hellman dans le cinema hollywoodien. Un jalon marquant de plus dans la filmo de ce grand realisateur.
½ March 12, 2009
Monte Hellman tells the story of a deformed sailor who is tormented by his crew members. When he escapes he starts his own form of society on an Island where he is a tyrant to anyone who comes to it. This film is a mean spirited film about a man taking vengence on the world as a whole for what he has suffered. The ending of this film is cynical as hell. I love it.
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