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February 13, 2014
Pretty empty and confusing, the film doesn't seem to go anywhere and it gets dull from the start. Karloff's performance is unmemorable and the rest of the film offers little to entertain, and is rather disappointing from the title.
November 1, 2012
lame boris karloff film.
½ November 27, 2010
ISLAND MONSTER (1954): you know what makes a movie unimaginative? A story with ever cliché under the sun, you know like the classic hero vs. the bad guys' routine, love interests, the same old sad tale from one of the cast members, and oh a supposed good character is actually a villain e. c. t. With Island Monster it has all of these clichés and a bit more like the fact the film is an Italian Thriller with the WORST dubbing imaginable (but I get to that later) and the film stars horror icon Boris Karloff in one of his earliest later made international films. Aside from that this film plot is so generic; a police lieutenant (our hero) goes to a small Italian island to catch a bunch of drug runners, but the bad guys kidnap his daughter so it's up to him and a villainess with a change of heart to save the girl and bring the bad guys to justice. Meanwhile Karloff's character a wealthy patron might have involvement with the sinister affair.

Now I mention bad dubbing just before and I'm not kidding this films dubbing is beyond appalling. For one Karloff's voice is dubbed by an impersonator! Come on the man spoke fluent English and ah he was an English man so come on couldn't he of just dubbed his own voice I wonder. The other bit of bad dubbing is the dubbing of the daughter's voice, holy shit it sounds like the cute lemur form MADAGASCAR was on helium while being ground into a pulp in a giant bender.

Overall Recommendation: not even recommended for fans of Boris Karloff, terrible film, avoid. 3/10
Super Reviewer
August 23, 2009
Island Monster 1954 Mill Creek
Boris Karloff is beyond any shadow of a doubt one of the greatest horror actors of all time. But this movie produced by Romana Film (Italy), is one of his worst. My guess is Boris needed some time off and was on vacation in the Isle?s of Italy. In this movie Boris plays a smuggler, who government agents are trying to track down and arrest. The main agent?s daughter is kidnapped by Boris. The sound and dubbing on this movie are terrible. There is no horror in this movie, the only horror is having to sit down and watch it. There is no Monster in this movie, again a guess but I would say that?s the title they gave Boris for kidnapping a child, or to draw fans to the theater. My copy was in Mill Creeks Drive-In Movie 50 pack, why it was in there I do not know as I doubt very much that this movie ever hit the US Drive Inn Circuit, Maybe in Sicily but not in America. The little girls dubbed voice was so terrible when you could understand what she was saying, one knows it?s the voice of a 2 pack a day cigarette smoker. 1 star for the poor production of this one.
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