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March 11, 2014
"Man from Deep River" is about as shocking in its purpose as anything contained within its gore scenes. Directed by Italy's go-to-guy for cannibal sleaze, Umberto Lenzi ("Make Them Die Slowly") weaves in his share of exploitative and downright offensive elements (he can't get enough of *live* animals fighting/being cut apart) to tell the tale of an American photographer (Ivan Rassimov, sporting a bad blonde dye job) who stabs a surly bar patron while drunk, and flees up a river in the Philappines only to run afoul of a cannibal tribe. Now, while Lenzi's subsequent efforts have celebrated the 'gore-to-profits' equation to success, "Deep River" has a surprisingly human story at its core--upon first glance, Rassimov is a prisoner seeking escape; but he eventually assimilates to the tribal culture and even weds one of the ladies (Me Me Lai). In a bit of ironic turnabout, our Ugly American gets in touch with his inner human, and his journey there is told with a pulse more dramatic than horrific, which blind-sided me. While this might not be to all tastes, Lenzi's commitment to the material truly sucked me in and made me care. Those seeking an alternative to "Cannibal Holocaust" should be pleased with "The Man from Deep River."
March 1, 2012
Je veux aller vivre en ThaÔlande au milieu d'une tribu de sauvages! :-)
½ July 20, 2011
This film has the reputation of being one of the better cannibal flicks of the 70s - but I really can't see why! Despite maybe having better production values than some of the others it has virtually no cannibalism in it. In fact it's actually a quite dreary story of 'love in the jungle'.

A photographer goes upriver in Thailand (after randomly stabbing a man in a bar for some reason that is never expanded upon). Heading into uncharted territory he is captured by a native tribe who keep him as a slave for a bit and then integrate him into the tribe itself. At some point the chief's daughter gets the hots for him and they end up getting married and then she has a baby and promptly dies. The end. That's it.

The film is really slow moving with lots of lingering shots of village life and with much of it in the native language it's difficult to know what's going on. As it's an Italian exploitation flick then there's quite a bit of nudity and the occasional graphic bit of violence but nothing to really write home about. The cannibals turn up for all of ten minutes and don't really do much apart from have a fight with the other villagers and eat one poor girl they catch by the waterfall that everyone seems intent on going backwards and forwards to.

The film I watched was the UK version - Deep River Savages - which has about three minutes of animal cruelty missing (another staple of Italian cannibal films) so I don't think I've missed that much so in conclusion it left me feeling that it was ninety minutes of my life that I won't get back!
½ July 10, 2011
"Man from Deep River" (also known as "Deep River Savages", "Sacrifice!" and "The Man from the Deep River) has the notorious reputation for kickstarting the whole brutal Italian cannibal subgenre. To be honest that's how I actually heard of the film. However if you are a fan of this questionable subgenre you better change your expectations. Even though it's directed by Umberto Lenzi, the man responsible for two of the most notorious films in the genre with "Eaten Alive!" and "Cannibal Ferox", this is a far cry from the extreme nature of those films as this is more of a survival drama film with cannibalism only being an element in the picture instead of being the main focus.

The plot is actually almost identical to the popular American western "A Man Called Horse" only substituting the western background with a jungle and changing the Native Americans to jungle tribes. So the film starts with a photo journalist visiting Bangkok with his girlfriend, who leaves his ass and he somehow kills a guy while drunk in the bar. On the run from the authorities he decides to hire a local to take him deep river so in order to take picture but it only serves him to get captured by a reclusive tribe and in turn forced to be a slave. The daughter of the tribes leader, who just happens to be smokin' hot, takes a liking to him and after proving himself to the tribe and their customs, he 'marries' the bitch and then knocks her up.

The film is the life and times of living in a jungle tribe and if you've seen "A Man Called Horse" then you know exactly how the plot will unfold as it really is identical. Because of this I actually found the film do drag a bit. Even though it has the reputation of being a "cannibal film", it is actually more of a slow moving drama. Think of "Dances with Wolves" extreme Italian exploitation style.

The whole story arc of our main character is extremely clunky and haphazardly strung together. The beginning of the film is horribly cut, to a laughable extent, as within 5 minutes of arriving in Bangkok his girlfriend leaves him and he ends up killing a guy in a bar. It's truly a "what the fuck" string of events that leads him to the jungle and just left me shaking my head.
For an Italian exploitation film the acting is acceptable but it is no where it needs to be in order to realistically portray the love between the man from the city and the tribal beauty. Ivan Rassimov, whom I knew from numerous Spaghetti Westerns, and Me Me Lai, who shows off her glorious nude body on numerous occasions, just seem wooden together.

Enough of that 'plot' stuff, you're wondering about the CANNABLISM. Don't worry my friends, it's coming. Apparently the rival of our main tribe is a ferocious cannibal tribe that lives further up the mountain. We get to see this cannibal tribe in full on bloody glory when they attack a female tribe member and Umberto Lenzi spares no carrnage as he full on shows this graphic attack. The scene, though extremely gruesome, proved popular enough for Lenzi to re-use as stock footage in his next cannibal-fest "Eaten Alive!"

Of course with these type of films 'cannibalism' isn't' the only exploitative element. Lenzi also loads up the film with tribal nudity and sex scenes. There is also a few instances of real life animal killings, an element the genre would be known for and also the one element I despise in these films.

Overall "Man from Deep River" is a survival drama with a serious douse of Italian exploitation and because of this it will fail to truly enthrall audiences. It's too dramatic and drab for fans of Italian extreme cinema and it's too exploitative and brutal for fans of survival dramas. Needless to say, for better or worse, it was a hit in the underground circle for it's one, pinnacle cannibalism scene and the setting and that one scene would go on to inspire a slew of imitators, all more bloody and extreme than the next so the grindhouse theaters would be flowing with gore for years to come.
½ June 3, 2011
Take the voice of J. Peterman from Seinfeld, the racial proclivities of Dog the Bouty Hunter, a slew of animals with a perilous fate, a buxom young lady and throw them into a jungle with a poorly devised script and a director repeatedly willing to cross bounds of tackiness in cinematic desperation and the nearly unwatchable result will be The Man from Deep River. Whenever the plot starts to sputter there is an abrupt injection of some beastial evisceration, tribesmen running with spears, or a topless Pantene commercial. Great for those with the attention span of a four-year old, but with questionable refinement. Loved the king cobra vs mongoose scene and the wife selection ceremony. Boy have we come along way since the seventies.
½ June 1, 2011
Unless you're interested in tracing the history of Cannibal Holocaust or you're interested in seeing animal slaughter (sicko), then there's no real reason to watch this movie.

That said, it's a pretty enjoyable, if not sickening jungle adventure movie with a shitty english dub, some pretty cinematography, a bunch of nudity, and the aforementioned animal slaughter.

I mean, if you wanna get down to it, you see a pretty sickening game of snake vs. mongoose, a monkey's head gets sliced off by a sword (and then his "brains" are "eaten"), and a bunch of other animals get their heads slowly sawn off in the name of "tribal customs".

This is all there to compare and contrast a "savage" society with a "humane" one, showing that the two are more alike than one would think.

If this sounds familiar (it may not), it's because Mondo Cane did the same thing. This is sort of a fiction remake of that movie, and the template for which nastier films like Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox would follow. If that's your thing, check this movie out.

If not, then don't. I won't judge.
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½ April 14, 2011
his was the first of the 6 major Italian Cannibal flicks of the 70's, (and early 80's). And it isn't that bad at all. It has a quite good story, and the acting is suprisingly good. The love story is a little far-fetched, but the film itself is quite enjoyable, except, once again for the real animal deaths.

Not as good as either of Deodato's, but certainly better than Eaten Alive, Cannibal Apocalypse, or Trap Them and Kill Them.
February 14, 2011
I love expoloitation flix but I have very little tolerance for on screen animal killings. It gets viewing down to its most primal but I think it's a load of shit. Lenzi even gives of a disclaimer @ the beginning of Man From Deep River that these represent primal tribes but it's cheap entertainment. For that this loses merit which is too bad because what remains isn't too bad; it just goes to the animal butchery well far too often. Kidnapped by a savage tribe Ivan Rassimov must endure until he gains acceptence. In the process he has romantic interest in Me Me Lai who is quite the beauty to behold. Her nakedness is much appreciated. I could watch her run naked through the jungle for hours. For that alone it's worth checking out...maybe if there was an animal friendly verison like Cannibal Holocaust.
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½ February 3, 2011
The inovator of the Italian Cannibal exploitation movies that were to repulse and shock audiences over the world, many were to end up being banned in numerous countries. This one isn't quite as sleazy as later cannibal movies, in fact it's a pretty decent film. It's plot is almost identical to the film "A Man Called Horse" but set in a remote village in an Asian Jungle. The cannibals only come into the film towards the end of the film so gore-wise it's not a splatter-fest. But this one is the worst offender for animal cruelty with numerous scenes of animal baiting and on-screen butchery and sacrifice. But the film is well enough acted and the romance between Ivan Rassimov and Me Me lai is played out genuinely enough providing some quite steamy scenes and ample amounts of nudity. It's got a pretty catchy theme-tune too. The film is far from perfect but it's enjoyable enough.
Keiko A. --Samurai--
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½ January 9, 2011
Well I am not just going to be reviewing films from were I live I am also going to review famous movies that are very well known to kids my age and as well as adults. But the occasional new movie at the cinemas.
Man from deep river also known as here 深い川の野蛮人 (Deep river savages) has to be the most power social commentary on society I have seen. Deep river savages is the widest known Grindhouse film out there were I live.

John Barly is a photographer in Bangkok taking pictures of the local wrestling games but he grows increasingly bored and wants to get out there into the wild life and take those kinds of photos. But after a massive fight with a gang he kills one of them and decides to hid-out in the rain forest for a little while. Paying off a man in a boat to take him out there he begins to enjoy the scenery. The deeper they go the more the boat driver begins to worry about the location they are in. Not long after there boat is attack by a native tribe killing the boat driver and capturing John.

John in the movie who is played by Ivan Rassimov goes throw months of pain and suffering until he proves himself during a fight to the death with another native. He is also liked by the chief?s daughter MarayŚ. He might have been accepted but John sees how cruel his tribe is to others outsiders. Two natives from another tribe is captured and have there tongs and fingers cut off in a very disgusting manor.

I also have no doubt in my mind that the movie Dance with wolves was based on this movie along with Avatar. There are Meany aspects witch I have seen between the two movies. Such as

*A man from a western world comes to a place were they likely have not seen a white man.

*The chief?s daughter teaches him how to hunt.

*The white man proves him self very worthy among the tribe.

*The daughter the chief falls in love with the man.

*An ending that has an Epic battle among the tribes or civilized society.

*The man returns to the place were he first began but later goes back to his tribe.

I felt the storey was brilliant just watch the movie and you can see it as how I saw it. But remember this is just my opinion. Some main things I didn?t like was the story was a bit slow at the start but gets better. And some of the love scenes got really close to an adult or pornographic rating.

Italian Director Umberto Lenzi tries to bring the movie to Mainly throw the settings and scenery as well as violence. But I have to say Costumes and sets as well as other things are very well done.

Well I have to put everything in this movie is done very well. The special effects and the surpassingly extreme acts or cruelty and violence are very sick but very well done.
The acting and Characters I have to put as flawless but I felt there was very little character built up as what we saw in Avatar. The reason I am not going this a 100% is because of animal cutely I saw in some scenes that is the reason I did not give it my highest rating.

But really I can heavily recommend this movie a lot. If you liked Avatar or Dance with wolfs you should see this.

Keiko?s score 91-100
Ariuza k.
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½ January 9, 2011
Let me start by saying is that I liked Avatar and I thought it was a really amazing movie with such an original story but no. Avatar was based on two movies that I just found out about Dance with Wolves and an exploitation film called Man from Deep River. And in this movie you can so see what avatar stole in story of course. But for being such a graphic and gruesome movie it's so sad to see a man like this and what he has become. And the ending of course was like Avatar.

John Barley is a British photographer in Thailand to cover sport matches and events like those. But he hates what he is doing and he wants to get out into the jungles and see something amazing and photograph that. So his girlfriend leaves him and heads home leaving John here but he gets into a fight with a mobster and he flees into the jungle to hide. And of course he is also doing it to photograph the wild but not long down the river he is captured by natives.

Then if you have seen Avatar you know what happens. Let me start by saying Ivan Rassimov is incredible at his performance to me it's flawless. Same goes for the others considering there they don't speak English and subtitles are always needed. You know those scenes in Avatar with all the fantastic scenery well that came from this, there is a scene were John and the native girl are looking across a valley and see all those amazing landscapes.

Man from Deep River indeed gets gruesome and extremely violent and that is what I hated, first we see all this amazing stuff and then some native gets his thong cut out spewing out blood every where. And I think that torture scene with John went on a bit too long. And of the plus side the film has all this fantastic scenery, costumes that they were (Look close enough and you will be able to tell that what Jake were is what John wares.) All the sets are magnificent and just really about everything.

And this movie also has Mr. Umberto Lenzi's famous trademark Whisky. And what I mean by that is nearly every scene in all of his movies that have Whisky there for example.

Paranoia: "Anyone know where the whisky is I feel like I am talking to myself"

Man from Deep River: "God dam it John I am sick of drinking this F***ing S**t" (And she throws the bottle at him)

Eaten Alive: "Look I admit Whisky is my passion but I didn't bring any"

Cannibal Ferox: "Did you bring the Whisky I am thirsty"-"Okay where stuck so just grave what we can and the whisky" (Smash a few of the bottles hit the ground)

And I come to a close don't see Avatar see this first then that.
January 9, 2011
Directed in 1972 by Umberto Lenzi of "Cannibal Ferox" fame. This is basically rip off of "A Man Called Horse" on the Asian grounds of Thailand.

Starring Ivan Rassimov as John, a photographer forced into the jungle after accidentally killing a man in a bar fight. John runs into a primitive tribe that humiliates and imprisons him.
Captured in a net, John is taken to the Chief of their village and called a "Fish man". Two tribesmen are brutally executed for treason, as they are at war with an even nastier tribe of cannibals, known as the "Kuru". Still captured in the net, John is visited by the beautiful Mariah,Me Me Lei,( daughter of the tribe Chief)who seems to be fond and curious of the prisoner. She convinces her father, the Tribe Chief that John is not a "Fish", but a man.
John is released as her slave, as he struggles for the tribes acceptance, and attempts an escape failing miserably. Restrained once again, and elder lady arrives warning him of his fate. John is to undergo a painful 3 day ritual to be accepted as a tribe member.
In a ceremony that echoes the sun ceremony in "A Man Called Horse", John is crucified in a trap like cage in an oval hut, as the villagers shoot him with blow darts. John is then exposed to direct sunlight without food or water, for the remainder of his initiation. Of course John survives, gains his strength back, and I'm sure you can guess the rest ...

You've seen it all before, but probably not as cheesy as this. It's kind of funny as the primitive Mariah wears make up, has flowers in her hair, a perfect manicure and is naked througout most of the film.

Still this is an important film that launched the third world cannibal craze of the 70's - 80's.

The production values are good. Nice cinematography, editing and a forced cheesy elevator music soundtrack typical of the period. The dubbing is pretty lousy, and might get on some peoples nerves. Throughout the film we see numerous closeups of J & B whiskey, that were probably financially involved, or sponsors, even though not mentioned in the end credits.

The violence on screen is graphic, and unforgivable animal cruelty is present as well. A trade the Italians exploited in an era of guerrilla film-making that would probably get any director arrested, or lynched now.(Ruggero Deodato of "Cannibal Holocaust" fame had to flee to an island to escape angry demonstrators from lynching him).

After several cinema releases being rejected by censorship boards, the film was later released uncut on video as "Deep River Savages". Due to its bad reputation of animal cruelty and violence, the film was banned in several countries turning it into an instant "Video Nasty".
MFDR has been released uncut on a Dutch and US DVD.

Avoid the British region 2 "Deep River Savages" from Screen Entertainment at all costs. It is a heavily cut version that has trimmed approximately 4 minutes out of the film. Poorly executed/edited as well, it is an annoying and distracting version to watch.

Despite the films flaws, I have a soft spot for this film and would recommend it to anybody interested/curious in exploitation film history. If you can appreciate stuff like this, consider "Man From Deep River" a guilty pleasure and you'll be laughing.

Umberto Lenzi made tons of crime/Giallo films, westerns, and ripped off films like "Dawn of the Dead" and "Conan the Barbarian", you name it.

Definitely not "Entertainment for the whole family" unless you have a dysfunctional one.
January 9, 2011
Interestingly, this film was never supposed to be a "Cannibal" film, much less a horror movie. It's more of a melodramatic thriller with a bit of Pocahontas thrown in. The single scene of cannibalism became so influential (mainly due to the film's enormous box office success around the world) that countless other cannibal films followed, each one trying to out-gross the last. Man from Deep River is also disturbingly noteworthy for its many authentic ritualistic killings of animals. Actual tribesmen kill snakes, lambs and crocodiles in nasty ways. Clearly animal rights hadn't been properly established yet. In the end, the Italians were the ones who started the whole Cannibal craze of the 70s and I suppose this film will be remembered for being the first film to show human flesh being eaten in any graphic sense, despite the fact the it was initially and ironically pitched as a pseudo-documentary.
November 3, 2010
Umberto Lenzi's jungle film that came out a great deal before the bulk of these types of films that are loaded with sex and gore from Italy. A English man is on a tour of Thailand when he accidently kills a man in a bar in self defense so he goes out into the jungle to lay low for a bit. When his guide gets killed by a tribe of cannibals the English man is captured and tortured, but eventually accepted by the tribe. A quick warning there is a lot of animal violence throughout the picture.
August 6, 2010
Umberto Lenzis masterpiece and a film that inspired the cannibal gene such as Cannibal holocaust.

I know Umberto Lenzi and even though I might have know him I never planed to see a film of his but then this movie caught my attention he always said it was never a cannibal film but he is right the poster really makes it seem like one.

Man from deep river is inspired by an American tale called A man named horse about native Americans capturing and eventually accepting a white man for being different and he joins there tribe. This film did that same thing.

A man named John Bradley and his visit to Thailand and one night he gets into a major fight and decides to flee to the jungle for a day or two so he hires a bout and heads down stream he falls asleep and awakes to see his guide dead and a tribe captures him and claims he is a spawn of the devil. John sees the most horrific stuff even a lot in this film put me off big time.
Animal murders, Rapes, fights to the death, Hard core sex scenes, Extremes amount of violence, and the list goes on and on. All I can say is this movie is Fucked up big time but still very enjoyable to see the modern man defend himself agenst a group of people that have never see a white man.

The acting really is amazing for a film like this I find it so hard to watch Ivan Rassimov keep his cool during some really gross scenes. The special effects are big time in this film just watching a man get his tong cut out and massacre scenes really makes me wont to know how they did such brilliant special effects.

Overall a very enjoyable Italian exploitation film witch in my opinion Avatar ripped off some scenes in this film but yeah the only thing I really hated about this were the animal killings and some scenes I really shouldn?t have viewed.
But my final verdict is recommended see it if you will.

Even though I might know the man that directed it I won?t see any of his films it will be tough to tell him that but I am sure he will understand.
July 1, 2010
Not bad, worth a watch.
April 15, 2010
I am convinced now that the fact that all these cannibal movies share pivotal scenes with each other is an elaborate meta-narrative device. Are all these stories happening at the same time, folded neatly around each other? The only scene where the cannibals attack and rape and eat the young girl by the river is lifted directly from EMMAUEL AND THE CANNIBALS and EATEN ALIVE both with reference each other AND the MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD...A lot of animals were harmed in making this, ultimately, very sweet love story.
February 16, 2010
Den allra första kannibalfilmen. Inte alls lika kraftfull som Cannibal Holocaust och inte heller lika laddad som Mountain of the Cannibal God. Filmen har, faktiskt, en hel del likheter med högaktuella Avatar, tro det eller ej!
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