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I'll Never Forget You (The House in the Square) (Man of Two Worlds) Reviews

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March 21, 2014
this is awfully not good lol
August 12, 2013
I like a good time travel yarn and one set in London should be good, right? Almost. The notion that a man can pop back from 1950 to 1800 and back again is all very merry, but he does it by being struck by lightning on his doorstep!? How does the lightning know which dates to use? Why doesn't he just turn to ash? How does he know when and where the lightning is due? Kind of a giant plot hole that's difficult to overlook. Apart from that, the rest of it isn't wildly exciting anyway. 6.5/10
April 13, 2011
weepy melodrama not really my cup of tea kinda like a low budget "The Time Machine"
Super Reviewer
½ December 2, 2010
Starts out rather shakily in a modern setting but finds it's footing once the period portion of the film commences. Still a rather florid romance all the way up to the odd moody ending but handsomely produced with a good performance from Power.
February 25, 2009
This movie is rather ridiculous and the opening atomic scene is hilariously out dated. After being struck by lightening, Tyrone travles back in time to 1784 and is suddenly in technicolor! Silly but entertaining.
½ September 22, 2008
Weird fantasy which doesn't quite work. The Technicolor scenes have been restored quite beautifully, but Tyrone Power seems miscast.
August 12, 2008
Tyrone Power is ridiculously handsome. Interesting time travel movie.
June 25, 2007
no remembering available
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