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May 4, 2017
A low-budget direct-to-video sequel. Need I say more? (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
December 19, 2016
This is the best movie I have ever seen. It deserves an award in every category. The movie is pure genius.
March 27, 2016
Some of the worst directing and editing I've ever seen. Everything else sucks too. Avoid this like the plague.
½ February 28, 2016
I like the movie because is very scary,my rating is 6.5!
½ December 3, 2015
Enjoyed the film for the most part although I found the ending a bit of a disapointment
½ October 22, 2015
The editing effects are really annoying. The actors aren't really bad and the sets and camerawork are competent enough, and the plot seems ok at first, but takes a sharp right into WTF territory. Seriously, why is The Fisherman suddenly a superhuman quasi-ghost? I guess they wanted him to be more like Jason Voorhees. Lame! He's completely impervious to everything but his own hook i guess??? very nonsensical.
½ May 15, 2015
0-star. The only thing this movie made me feel good is that my expectation to it is accurate. Nothing else can get worse.
½ November 3, 2014
Disappointing. Scream isn't he same without Sidney, I know what you did last summer isn't the same without July James the great Jennifer Love Hewitt! Bad screenplay. plot, and weak argument.
½ October 18, 2014
It was an alright movie
October 10, 2014
Disappointing for fans of the trilogy, predictable, bad cast, bad suspense but chilling
September 3, 2014
This straight-to-DVD sequel tries to extend the series by turning the series' ridiculous killer, an angry Gorton's fisherman, into a supernatural bogeyman. It fails.
August 27, 2014
This is crap. It tries to restart the mayhem as an urban legend, but loses ground quickly when you realize there is no rhyme or reason to the killings; it is just random slayings that don't fit the internal logic of the first two movies. The Fisherman now has a supernatural aspect that comes out of nowhere and goes unexplained. Steer way clear of this.
½ July 29, 2014
They tried to hard to make a 3rd when they should have just left it
June 22, 2014
Shouldn't have been made. This movie is a restart to the series but the supernatural story is not going to please fans of the first 2
June 9, 2014
A huge disappointment from Hewitt...
May 31, 2014
This was so dumb. I was mildly intrigued until the killer was revealed.
February 17, 2014
Having just seen a press advance of this movie, I thought I'd post my first impressions.

I'll confess to being caught up in the teen slasher craze of the late nineties - movies like Scream and Urban Legend really floated my boat back then, and to a lesser extent, still do. I Know what You Did Last Summer and its over-criticised sequel certainly slotted into this category nicely.

A sequel more or less in name only, the plot sees a group of teenage friends deciding to keep the death of their friend in a backfired prank a secret... one year later, in the days leading up to the tragedy's anniversary, the four receive ominous 'I Know...' messages before being picked off one by one by a hooded character in the 'Fisherman' outfit from the first two movies. Who could possibly know what they did? Is it someone out for revenge? Or is the original fisherman back to wreak more havoc?

From the box art (and the seven year delay) it was clear that this was never going to have the same high production values or quality acting as those late nineties slashers, but I didn't quite expect as far a drop as this. White's direction, while lacking any genuine drawn-out suspense, is at least edgy and 'hip'; sadly, acting from all but the pretty lead Brooke is decidedly wooden. Four or five minutes into the movie, you can see why Sony decided to bypass a cinema release in favour of a straight-to-video one.

That said, if taken as a low budget teen slasher in the vein of 'The Pool' and 'Lover's Lane', it actually works quite well. The true identity of the fisherman is well hidden, with various red herrings keeping the audience guessing. The special effects appear to have consumed a large chunk of the budget, too - one gutting, akin to the 'hook in the throat' from the first 'I Know...' movie, is particularly gruesome.

Ultimately, I felt let down by the ending - but I would imagine everyone's opinion would really depend on their reaction to the killer's identity. As a sequel to what I consider two of the most enjoyable slashers of the late nineties, 'I'll Always Know...' fails miserably. Taken as a standalone low budget slasher, there's more of a hook. 2.5 / 5.
½ February 8, 2014
They tried to make it different from the original that the made the plot more stupid that already was.The killer was so freaking stupid.
The acting of Torrey DeVitto was actually good. But everyone else was truly bad
December 31, 2013
No One Deserves to see this It's Painful to watch Worst Movie Ever made!
½ December 26, 2013
Absolutely dire but unintentionally hilarious 'horror' with some of the worst dialogue and acting imaginable. The premise is so ridiculous I have no idea how the cast kept straight faces (or maybe that was because they were actually mannequins, such is their flair for the craft). Also has atrocious dubbing on most of the crowd sequences. Forget this is part of the franchise and don't bother.
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