Dec 6, 2005
Apr 19, 2005
While the performances are excellent and the Get Carter-in-reverse plot is intriguing, this is a film where atmospherics triumph over the script.
Jan 4, 2005
...ended up sending us to slumberland a good deal sooner than the title implied.
Nov 18, 2004
Atmospheric post-noir film of the London underworld that never amounts to much of anything.
Sep 24, 2004
Next time Mike Hodges wants to make a movie, I would suggest he shoot it in total darkness and drop the dialogue.
Aug 20, 2004
Hodges and Preston have a commendable attitude, but with the thin story and shallow characters, even the right idea doesn't seem as interesting as it should be.
Aug 13, 2004
Predictable to a fault.
Aug 13, 2004
Too often sleepwalks to its inevitable finish.
Aug 12, 2004
Though the film is your basic revenge tale, it moves at such a snail's pace that the visceral excitement of the genre is nowhere to be found.
Aug 8, 2004
A film whose pacing gives new meaning to the term 'sluggish,' and actually makes the charismatic Owen seem boring.
Aug 8, 2004
This sad, dark movie moves across the screen like a sleepwalker, aloof and belonging neither to this world nor the next.
Aug 6, 2004
Languorous, elliptical and dull.
Aug 5, 2004
Maddeningly shapeless.
Jul 30, 2004
Even Clive Owen can't bring the level of this movie up from an average revenge flick.
Jul 29, 2004
While Croupier was taut and focused, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, though atmospheric, is vague and meandering.
Jul 27, 2004
Oddly old-fashioned and dull...emphasizes mood over content, yet doesn't even manage to make the atmosphere compelling.
Jul 23, 2004
Unless you fancy movies constructed of pure style, this one could put you to sleep.
Jul 22, 2004
Unfortunately, the characters and their motivations are so poorly defined that the story seems vague and incomplete.
Jul 16, 2004
Dead could have used a direct blast of energy at some point instead of the trickle it finally gets. This film's already asleep.