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November 27, 2016
The title-tune by Avalon, who tries to woo Hope's daughter while Hope is off on a fling of his own, says it all. Another sex-farce with Hope, a bit long in the tooth in real life, in the lead. Worth a watch though... On Blu-ray.
½ May 3, 2013
predictable rom com crafted around the talents of bob hope
½ January 26, 2011
A totally corny film, with elements resembling the beach movies, only without Annette. These movies are a kind of guilty pleasure for me, though this is not the best of the genre. Bob Hope is always interesting, though not in top form by any stretch.
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½ December 6, 2010
A predictable romantic comedy with some really funny scenes, but not enough, it really could have been better.
½ November 13, 2010
Bob Hope is a one line firing machine in this typical sixties comedy. I'll have more to write on this fast paced parent's dilemma. Bob Holcomb (Hope) will do anything to stop his daughter JoJo (Weld) from tying the knot with her lazy boyfriend (Avalon), even move her all the way to Sweden!

Director Fred De Corva went on to manage Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show.

Bob Hope
Frankie Avalon
Tuesday Weld
Dina Merrill
Jeremy Slate

Director: Fredrick De Cordova
Cinematographer: Daniel L. Fapp
Costume Designer: Paula Giokaris
Screenplay: Bob Fisher
Composer: ""By"" Dunham
Composer: Jimmie Haskell
Composer: Ken Lauber
Screenplay: Arthur Marx
Story by: Nat Perrin
Producer: Edward Small
Editor: Grant Whytock
November 10, 2010
Movie is awesome lmfao XD <3Bob Hope lol
August 13, 2010
The cast had me sold right off the bat -- Bob Hope, Tuesday Weld, and Frankie Avalon. And all 3 delivered exactly what I was hoping/expecting. However, this film should have been titled "Beating Around the Bush." The VERY thinly-veiled references to premarital sex were sooooo maddening!!! It felt as if the censors were right there next to the camera. And this was 1965 for crying out loud!! Ugh. That, and Jeremy Slate's so-called Swedish accent sounded like a cross between Bono and the Swedish chef. Also thought it was pretty laughable how they continuously compared Sweden's alleged "loose morals" with the alleged upstanding morals of Americans. That's some impressive propaganda there. Still, Hope, Weld, and Avalon were great.
½ May 5, 2010
A fairly creepy entry in Frankie Avalon's vast filmography of silly comedies. Departing a bit from his Beach Party roles, Frankie plays an unlikely suitor vying for the hand of the rich man's daughter. The rich man (Bob Hope) finds Frankie's trailer-living ways to be less-than-suitable for his teen daughter (Tuesday Weld) and so he lies to both of them to break off the engagement and spirits his daughter off to Sweden.

The movie starts off promising enough but when the action switches to "Sweden", everything goes downhill. Bob Hope's character's obsession with his daughter's sex life is creepy as all get-out, and the comic situations seem very forced and unnatural. This is definitely a movie that Frankie Avalon fans can afford to miss.
August 23, 2009
Not outstanding but it's a cute film. Bob Hope isn't at his best but it still is entertaining.
August 23, 2009
Not outstanding but it's a cute film. Bob Hope isn't at his best but it still is entertaining. 5.5/10.
½ April 18, 2009
Clearly not filmed in Sweden. They must of sent a camera crew to take pictures out of a car of typical Swedish turist sites in Stockholm (by the Grand hotel and of the palace. The house was definitely no kind of Swedish house, it was too big and not any kind of usual style. Some of buildings had the more German style with the wood in the concrete, I would not say that this was usually seen in Sweden. The Swedish accents were done well except for Bob Hope's. Jeremy Slate looks Swedish and reminds me of my first Engineering boss in looks and some behavior. Funny he was not Swedish. Yeah, and they had Bob Hope set up with a maid and butler. Like that would ever exist there. Were the 60s far different than the 80s and 90's, I doubt it. Then an oil company in Stockholm, no, that is Norway!
It was a funny movie anyway despite the mistakes. Funny how they dealt with what they called morality in the US 1960 cinema and differences between swedish culture and american culture.
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January 24, 2009
Cute comedy, Bob is less noxious than usual and Tuesday is adorable.
December 29, 2008
A comedy with Bob Hope and Sweden... I gotta see that one.
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