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February 20, 2005
Harris directs at a funereal pace that snuffs out his script's own wit, and only Weaver keeps the bitter laughs coming.
February 16, 2005
These are not ordinary people. Or real ones.
February 14, 2005
Everybody is so screwed up here that it just becomes relentlessly so.
February 10, 2005
An honorable and superbly articulated film.
January 27, 2005
What the movie damagingly lacks is a personality of its own.
December 18, 2004
The interior lives of Heroes' adults seem like wild guesses.
December 17, 2004
Despite occasional affecting moments and nuanced performances from Emile Hirsch and Sigourney Weaver, the film sways awkwardly back and forth between prickly humor and pathos, rarely ringing true in either register.
December 17, 2004
Just an ordinary tale of rich people in crisis.
December 17, 2004
Follows the formula long ago established for movies of this ilk: the Big Crisis, followed by the Big Revelation, followed by the Big Showdown, followed by the Happy Ending.
December 17, 2004
Hirsch is dead-on with his weary deadpan in the face of high school torment, sexual confusion and parental absurdity.
December 16, 2004
Family crosscurrents are so rarely explored with any kind of intelligence in commercial American filmmaking, one applauds Harris for going there at all.
December 16, 2004
Sigourney Weaver creates a portrait of a taut, frustrated suburban mother of three whose complexity transcends the Mom as Devourer stereotypes who have prowled the movies since Mrs. Robinson stirred her first martini.
December 16, 2004
[Harris] knows how to create complex, believable characters and how to inspire his talented actors.
December 14, 2004
Imaginary Heroes is a queer-eyed valentine to Sigourney Weaver.
September 15, 2004
A sharply observed tragicomedy that draws laughter as genuinely as it coaxes tears.
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